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asthma and bad housing conditions


i would like some advice on what to do about the following,i am a single mum to a little boy of 5,i live in a council flat in stansted essex our local council is uttlesford destrict council before we had a council house from this council,the house had mould and damp,my son then was diagnosed with asthma,i asked to be re-housed and i was then moved to this council flat,now the mould and damp in my sons bedroom is scary,i applied to be re-housed again since april,i had to clean so much mould and damp all around his bedroom the other week,i allways open his bedroom window to air the bedroom,but the smell is still there,the council done a survey but nothing was done about this,i keep getting promises and nothing is done,so now this is me desperate as my housing officer said that people on band b have more priority than my son,people in band b are homeless but live in a hostel,i am on band c which aparently is high priority but i dont feel it is,can someone advise me which authorities i should contact so i get re-housed quicker? the council is aware of my sons condition,they have his medical history,letters from the doctor asking to re-house us but it looks like all gets forgoten,this is my desperate appeal for help regarding us being re-housed,my son is ill all the time with chest inffection,bad cough,he is constantly ill and allways misses school he now has bad school attendance due to his health the council is also aware of this and they arent doing anything about it,i dont know what to do but i want my sons health to improve,any advice on who to contact to speed up our re-housing i would be very gratefull

kind regards

luisa moreira

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I'm really sorry, I dont have any proper advice, but i wish you all the best? is your son under a consultant? or would you GP be willing to ring around as may know of the best people to shout at to be heard? Is there maybe a family member your son could stay with for a short term basis? Its really tough! Maybe CAB might know what to do? good luck though! i'll let you know if it think of anything.


Surprisingly, children's services can sometimes help with things like this, as your housing is affecting your sons health and well being. You could ring them for advice?


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