When I joined Asthma UK many moons ago, the Off-Topic Forum was my breath of fresh air. We did not have asthma related items in it at all. Except if we were making fun of it.

Could we please get back to our roots? I and many others left Asthma UK in the last year or so. Mainly because forum members were posting any old where. I know our previous mentor, Steve, tried to point posts to the correct heading but fear it was a losing battle.

Now that the forum has been off for a while, let's draw a line over posts that really aren't and shouldn't be in Off-Topic and get going with some good non-asthma, non-medical, no worry, feel good posting. Ok?

Otherwise, I'm off again.

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  • :-)

  • Common sense as always, Granny Mo

  • I second that love the random non-asthma related babble on this forum!! I've just come back too... been busy with the 3 girls do pop on here occasionally hope all lungs are behaving

    midgie xxx

  • I think a new story is due granny ( Kate think the penguins will be ready for one )

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