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Forum Downtime

Hi everyone,

First of all, on behalf of Asthma UK I'd just like to apologise for the recent downtime the Forum has experienced in the last week - this was not scheduled downtime, and was caused by an issue with our servers. Frustratingly, with the forum down we had no way of directly communicating with you all regarding this (we will always post news of any forum downtime due to scheduled updates as far in advance as possible).

The problem with the servers has now been fixed, and the forum has been upgraded so hopefully this will not happen again.

If anyone has any questions or persistent issues, please do not hesitate to send us an email at:

Thank you to everyone for their continued patience,

Hugh @ Asthma UK

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Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for all your/AsthmaUK's work in getting the forum back up and running.


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