during excercise

Hi I have had asthma since I was 18 , just out of the blue , I have always done some sport of some kind and use my inhalers always as instructed.

in the last few years I HAVE SRARTED RUNNNG and my asthma is hindering any improvement in speed increase x any tips,,,, cold weather for me is the worse disilabating

Iam now 45 enjoying off road races but slowly !!!! before I got asthma I was an excellent county runner x

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  • Ive been asthmatic most of my life and until becoming brittle 10mths ago have always exercised hard (was a trainer in fact!). In most cases its perfectly possible to train hard as an asthmatic, many top athletes are - Paula Radcliffe for example.

    Id always take my reliever before training and always had it on me. In cold weather allow yourself a long warm up, a scarf over your mouth will warm the air before it hits your lungs. Be meticulous taking your preventer (regardless of whether you exercise!).

  • In most cases training will actually help the asthma as your lungs will become stronger and more efficient. I used to find distance running particularly good as you get into a steady rhythm with your breathing and legs working together.

    Good luck with it!

    I feel a complete hypocrite as at present I cant actually climb the stairs, but I do know the theory!!

  • Hi yep I do all of the above and run up to 20 miles regular, its not the running or the distance its the actual speed , how do I improve this, as I just Get out of breath if I up the pace . generally speaking I go from a 10 min mile down to a 7.5 min mile on a good day ??? hope you can help . I wear a snood through wind n cold , summer I run in coolish temps of the day . have a red striod base inhaler I take three times a day and blue before I run , this is always in my bum bag with my ipod , as I like music to distract my breathing sounds lol

    What is Brittle btw ????x thank you much for your replies x

    My frustrations are I feel rubbish compared to the standard I was when I didn't have asthma x

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