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Weight Gain Pred

I've been seeing a Respiratory Consultant for a few weeks to try and find out why i have an on going productive cough. X ray and CT scan were all clear. In the last week my asthma has been bad and my GP put me on 30mg Pred a day for 5 days. I went back to see my Consultant tonight. Despite me feeling unwell, he said he couldn't hear any wheezing etc. He X rayed me again and my chest is clear. However, he thinks it would be good to keep me on steroids for another 16 days alongside a course of anti bs. I am happy with this as I know my peak flow is not where it should be at the moment. BUT, will my weight change much? I'm going to be on 30mg for 4 days, tapering down the dose by 10mg every 4 days. I have a big birthday and a special frock that I need to be able to get into in just under 4 weeks time. I know health comes first, but will I gain obvious weight around my face and middle on this dose.?

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Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly.

Everybody is different in how they respond to pred. I don't really gain any weight at all - just a little more roundness in the face. In my case it actually makes me look better not worse. (I'm naturally quite thin).

Others who do gain weight from pred probably have better advice to give.

The only advice I can think to give is that if you are happy with your current weight, then trust that your normal eating level is what your body actually needs. Try as much as you can not to eat more even if it feels like you need more. If you find yourself wanting to eat more than usual, think about how you might distract yourself from the munchies and do something else other than eat.

Hoping you feel better soon and have a wonderful birthday, well or not!


I've been on 30-70mg pred for 9 months. Got to the point I ignore munchies, have also put on very little weight. Though it is more noticeable on my face.

I doubt it will have that much of an impact weight wise.

Sorry things aren't good at the moment and hope they improve soon!


Ive been on 30-80mg pred for the past 10mths. I gained no weight in the first 3mths, though my face rounded after about 6wks, then about a stone in the next 3mths, and 2.5st in the past few months (when the dose has been at the lower end but Ive been far more symptomatic and unable to do much). I hate it, but know the pred is keeping me alive! Go down to 25mg tomorrow and aim to be at 10 within 6wks or so, so Im hoping to begin losing some weight soon. But life is far more valuable than size 8 jeans!!


Guys, you are all so right! I know I am being vain and so what if I'm a bit rounder than usual. As long as the party goes ahead and I can dance all night, that's all that matters. I forgot to mention I'm having a nasal procedure thing in next week or so to see if that provides any explanation for my constant companion - the mucousy cough. Not looking forward to it but the Consultant is scratching his head as to what's going on with me.

This time last year I ran 4 miles for charity, I've been banned from doing 3 mile Race for Life next week which is so disappointing but I have to be sensible. I just don't understand why after a lifetime of having well controlled asthma, its all gone haywire recently.

Hugs and best wishes to all.


I also don't gain any weight even when I was on pred for six months - because I am tube fed, my calorie intake didn't change hence my weight remained the same. If you eat more in response to feeling hungry then you may gain weight, but if you don't feel more hungry or don't change your eating habits, it shouldn't be an issue.


Two things, firstly, I gained quite a bit of weight on pred, my eating Deffo changed, I ate more than usual, even if I waited till I was in pain before eating this was still frequent. I also craved calorific food, I would lie in bed trying to sleep for hours and hours desperate for something fatty, it was horrible. I find that little and often is good. Also foods that you really like but little calories (or have a small high calorie component, but are generally good) so I ate a lot of Greek salads as I love feta and olives. Have 'healthy' snack foods around, I found you as and dips to be a good one. I personally got to the point I couldn't cope with the hunger and used things that bulk out in your stomach, people use them as a diet tool, obvs a very tricky world to go into, I just found it got my appetite back to manageable when I was at the point I was waking up every few hours absolutely starving. Also, sugar free lemonade with squash is a good one, as it's so sweet!

The other point was that I had a bad time on pred with weight gain and hunger, but as soon as I've stopped taking it so regularly (I now quite frequently have a few weeks off it) Ithe weight has just fallen off, like I've lost more than a stone in the last month without me making any effort whatsoever, and the thing is, the worse the hunger is on the pred (i don't think many people notice it as much as I did so don't stress) the less you'll eat afterwards. I so frequently just forget to have any breakfast or lunch, and just have a small tea, not coz I'm dieting, or even trying, but just coz I don't feel hungry, I'm so desensitised to it that it doesn't even register in my brain that I need food (to the point I have to try to eat more coz I'm getting dizzy) so even if you do get unlucky with the pred, do your best while you are on it. But accept your limitTions, and remember there is very much light at the end of the tunnel :-)

That said, whilst for most people what you are on is a long course, I don't think it is so long that it will cause you massive issues :-) HTH


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