grumbling"" lungs, help?

I had medical attention earlier for something unrelated to my asthma (although my asthma has been playing up again, not to the point of needing anything but regular-ish salbutamol) & had my chest checked. I was told I wasn't wheezing, but I have a lot of ""grumbling"" in my left lung.

without sounding completely stupid. does anyone have any idea what ""grumbling"" is? a warning sign or..?

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  • anyone?

  • Maybe this is something you ought to see your GP about.

  • ta, got a really nasty chest infection, apparently it was obvious just checking one lung once :/

  • Sorry to hear about the infection but pleased you got to the doctors. Hope it clears up quickly for you.

  • Sorry about the chest infection, they horrible things to have aren't they.

    I do hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Also hoping you feel better soon.

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