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Fed up with chest infection

I have a chest infection that seems to like me so much that it is refusing to go, I'm on 25mg Prednisolone and second course of Clarithromycin antibiotics this in turn is playing havoc with my brittle asthma, my oxygen sats and peak flow being on the low side. This is not helped either by having a sore right lung.

My Respiratory team are worried about my low oxygen sats and peak flow and told me to go to my local hospital for IV antibiotics. I have only just come out of hospital last month and I have a nasty feeling that this would result in another admission.

Ever since July it just seems as though I am spending more time in hospital than at home. I'm so fed up at the moment and my emotions and mood seems to be very variable one minute I could be laughing the next minute I'm in tears for no reason at all.

Just out of curiosity does anyone know how long IV antibiotics take to start to work and is more than one dose needed?

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My experience with IV antibiotics has always been a few days of IVs and then a day off, and then oral abx. I think IVs are stronger and work faster, I also often get more than one type of IV but then sometimes move to one oral. I think it works faster, but you can also get other treatments in hosp! I don't know if what I so is normal! I know a lot of people do the full course of abx IV, which I assume would be at least a week. IVs make sure your getting the full dose as well, esp if abx give you an upset stomach! The dose is usually a few times a day. Might be worth trying a different abx as it seems clarithromyocin isn't working! Hope you feel better soon!


I have 10 to 14 days of IV antibiotics three times a day - any less and they don't work. It takes about a week for me to start seeing any significant improvement. Oral antibiotics as well as being lower doses, are metabolised differently to IV antibiotics. It's difficult for antibiotics to get into lung tissue according to my doctor which is why higher IV doses are more effective (assuming it's the appropriate antibiotic for the bugs cultured).


One dose would be pointless, antibiotics need to be at a sustained level to work and avoid antibiotic resistant bacteria - that's why for example, an antibiotic which is three times a day should be taken every eight hours, to cover the 24hr period with stable levels. It's no good taking them at 9am, 1pm and 6pm like so many folk do!


hi all i had my flu jab a week ago today & since then it as been cough,cough,cough.

& got a chest infection i was on the brown one CLENIL & SALBUTERMOL

now i am on SALBUTERMOL * BECLOMETASONE a pink inhaler with dark pink cap

At the moment still coughing & wheezy go back on friday to get checked out again.

This is second chest infection within 2 months ago.

hope everyone ok


chest infection started going away & before you know it is back again went to drs yesterday & he gave me CODEINE LINCTUS & ERYTHROMYCIN STEARATE BECAUSE NON STOP COUGHING AS WELL but have to be careful as riddled with arthritis & cough to much my back will go out & lay me up flat on my back which i do not want hope everyone ok & keeping well


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