How much better should I be at end of pred course?

Starting a new thread as I have a question rather than random moans.

How much better should I be at the end of my pred course? Gp said see how I feel Sunday (last dose today) and go back Monday if needed, but didn't say what feeling better consisted of. I know that usually I can work fine whilst on pred and am usually much better at end of course so can manage with gradually reducing ventolin, whereas this time I'm still needing quite a bit, and any exertion at all is knocking me out and making me very uncomfortable.

But then I wonder whether I just need to get back into things and accept having symptoms and needing lots of ventolin for a while. What will happen if I go back to work when I'm not better? How do I know whether I need more pred?

I currently have three options:

1. Stay at home on Monday and go back to gp

2. Go to work and see gp afterwards

3. Go to work and see how I am

What do people think? Really need some advice. Surprisingly I'm leaning more towards staying home, which isn't usual for me, but don't know whether I'm just a bit wobbly about going back after so long off.

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  • Hiya, I think you've kind of answered your own question! If you are leaning towards staying home (which isn't usual for you), then you probably need to stay at home and see the GP. And like you've said, you're not back to your normal self and still struggling - so you're not better. My advice = stay off work and see your gp!

  • If youre thinking you need to go back then you probably need to go back. Id actually think it might be worth trying to get to OOH tomorrow - Ive been told a number of times its better to run on courses of pred than have even a brief gap between them.

  • Thanks. Bit scared of ooh due to past issues, ended up swearing a couple of years ago that I would either wait for gp or if not possible go to A&E. Gp said go back to her on Monday if not better tomorrow so unless feeling worse think would avoid ooh.

  • In even more of a turmoil now because my chest is actually not bad today, peak flow bit higher but don't know whether because I'm better or because I did almost nothing except sit yesterday. Still feeling quite tearful, someone just sent me a text and I cried. Confused!

  • I've always been told (although sometimes find it doesn't happen) that your pf should be back to normal and symptoms under control at the end of pred. The advice line originally told me this but my GP now likes me to go back on the last of pred to make sure everything is ok. I often find that I need another 5 days and then a very quick taper. Before this I was finishing pred, getting worse so that I was almost back to square one and taking even longer to get better. This was particulary so if it was due to a lingering cold as I would still have the cold (which is what I am struggling with at the moment). This time they tried an additional steriod inhaler so by the time the pred finished that had kicked in and so far so good (although my GP may have sometlhing to say tomorrow). I guess what I'm saying is that perhaps you should at least contact your GP if still feeling just ok tomorrow.

  • Thanks Kayla. Pf is a bit better but have been coughing more today. Able to walk around but very tired and still getting a bit breathless, so definitely not back to normal. Will see how I am this evening as often have a delayed reaction to exertion. Have said no to school for tomorrow so can go back if necessary.

  • Think I will go back to gp just for advice. I feel that just being this emotional about things is a sign I'm not completely better. Just had another good cry which doesn't help my chest. It's so hard to know what to do for the best - don't want to take longer than I need but don't want things to drag on and on either.

  • I think its wise to go back. Much as you dont want to be on the pred longer, you may well find that more now will result in less overall than letting things get bad again. Hope you get a good night x

  • Thanks you too.

  • Hope you are feeling better soon.

    If you are umming and arrring about going to GP then I think deep down you know you are not right for you and so even if dr. says you are going in the right direction/getting there it will put your mind at rest and then you will feel more confident about how your asthma is doing and when the right time to return to work is. If on the other hand you need more steriods then you'll be in the right place to get it.

    Don't worry about being on steriods for a little longer-better to blast the chest now and sort it out asap than for it to linger and slowly end up worse than where you are now.

    I have been on steriods for 20 years now in varying doses and I'm still here to tell the tale-infact if it wasn't for the little red tablets I actually wouldn't be here!!

    Take care and enjoy the sofa surfing x

  • Definitely decided as chest is feeling very irritated this evening. Not sure whether it's the activity, the crying or a combination of both. Thanks for all messages, guess I will just have to see what gp thinks.

  • Went back to school today, came home a bit early as wasn't in class and felt very tired. Just crashed out on sofa now and not feeling like doing anything at all, hopefully will be ok after a good sleep. Can't believe how much a short easy day has tired me out, chest has been tight but not too bad.

  • Did you decide against GP then?

    Take it easy at work -if you over do it you will need even more time of in the long run.

    Fingers crossed your lungs let you sleep tonight-wish mine would!! x

  • I went and she said I was ok to go back, although she would have given me the rest of the week if I had wanted. Felt fine and only had 2 puffs ventolin yesterday. Definitely taking it easy as just don't feel like doing anything and can't be off any longer.

  • Pleased to hear youre starting to feel better, hope it continues and tomorrow finds you better still x

  • Also hoping the improvement lasts.

    I also find that when I'm coming out of an exacerbation I'm easily knackered even though symptoms have significantly reduced. I have tended to see it was the ""whew, now that the storm is over we need to rest"" sort of response. Don't be afraid to give yourself permission to take it slow. You've had a difficult past few weeks.

    Take care.

  • Bit worried that I'm going back downhill now I'm back at work. Oh woke me up at 4am last night because I was wheezing in my sleep. Been quite tight since I went back yesterday and started coughing again. Haven't even been teaching and am exhausted already but can't afford to miss any more time with my class.

  • I've been finding in the last few months that I go up and down, get better and worse and better again quite a lot during the recovery period after an exacerbation. The important thing is to focus on the trend. Hoping you are feeling better today and that yesterdays tightness is a blip and that things keep moving forward --- but if not, do take care of yourself.

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