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Why is it different this time??

School are saying Maddie (aged 4) is breathless at playtimes/lunchtimes and coughing alot etc.

They're giving her inhalers which is good. This morn she is puffy, pale and purple eyes. I warned theteacher (who is amazing) and she agreed maddie looked awful but in herself was bright and cheery etc. The teacher then said maddie is getting out of breath when active (which we kinda knew) but she also said she is out of breath occasionally when not doing any exertion, and in fact was out of breath while sat on the carpet yesterday!!

So.....when her asthma has always been bad before, she coughs all night and vomits mucus..we haven't had any of that this time!! I'm confused!!!! Why is she breathless but ok at night???? She had a cold a couple of wks ago and has been like this since. Why not the night time stuff though?!?!

She is on maintenance pred and has been for 2 yrs. We reduced it in June a little bit. Normally I would increase it while she isn't great but she has a Synachen test booked for next Thursday and we've been told it can only go ahead if she on her basic steroid dose. We really need the test done as have waited months for her steroids to be reduced to a level that it would be possible!! Arghh!!


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Puffy, pale and purple under her eyes makes me think there may be an allergic element to the breathlessness.

I only say this as my son has a gastrointestinal disease which involves allergies and I know he is 'flaring' when he has 'allergic shiners' (google it, does exactly what it says on the tin! lol).

Could there be something in the classroom setting her off? Dusty carpets, pet dander from other kids clothes, pollen from trees etc et play time?

Just a thought xxx


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