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Driving and triggers

So I think I've figured one of my triggers is the heat in the car now at the moment it's not too bad as I can drive without the heat on but in winter that's not an option and neither is not driving as my Mum has lots of health conditions that require frequent hospital trips, and if I open the window to get a bit of air in the cold air sets me off too, also the heating in buildings like college aren't helping does anyone have any suggestions as to what could help

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I find keeping the air conditioning on helps as it filters the air. You can still do this even with the heat turned up.


I'm not sure my car has air con it's really old but I'll have a look. Thanks


I am not entirely sure as I am not overly knowledgeable about cars.... but have you tried changing the pollen filter in your car? From what I understand it traps pollen and other small particles before they go into your air flow into the car, and if it hasn't been changed in a while could it be letting other triggers such as pollen into the car? I know that doesn't help with heaters in other places! The only thing I could think of is that it could be the dry air? Apologies if neither of these are of any use! I just saw your post and thought I would throw these ideas in!


I've had the car just over a year now and I know we haven't changed the filter tbh I didn't even know cars had a pollen filter which says how much I know about cars doesn't it. I've been out again and I do have an air con button which I pressed whether or not it works is a different matter

The heater things going to be a problem in the house too as my Mum's health problems mean she really feels the cold so we have the heating on a lot.


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