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help!!!! my one year old suffers bad with asthma

my one year old little boy suffers really bad with asthma, since the age of 3months old hes been in hospital every month for about 1-2days, each time, he has the brown and blue inhaler he has to have daily. every time we go to the hospital with him, they dont seem bothered and send us on are way! even when his breathing is really bad, some of the doctors tell us he is wheezing and others say no! we get told that many things I am confused! nothing seems to help him, we have an appointment next week at the asthma clinic hopefully get some answers, so any advice would be great xx

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You need to really push to see a consultant with your child its not right that he is being fobbed off yes/no he as asthma. As a mum you need a definitive answer and how to treat him how long before you get help etc and only a consultant can give you these answers. Ask about tests which need to be carried out also any allergy tests may be useful good luck and don't leave it. my niece is asthmatic and had it from a very early age so I know what you are going through, she is now 20 and still doing very well and has grown mostly out of asthma which you can do.


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