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i want to stop montelukast

After reading some information regarding montelukast and its effects on mental health, I was intrigued as for the past 3 years or so, I've been what can only ve described as a grumpy mare lol. I an always snappy and short fused, don't cope well with change and seem to see the worst in everything, all traits which aren't normal for me. At first I thought it was just me getting older (ok, so I'm only 32, but you know what I mean?!) But on seeing the info on singulair, and given ice been taking it since 2010, I wondered if there was a link. A week or so back, I went away for the weekend and happenned to forget to take my singulair with me, and as my asthma wasn't so bad I didn't worry about getting an emergency prescription, and low and behold I felt more positive and happy, the old me. Upon coming home and restarting, those gloomy feelings have cone back.

So now I'm convinced I want to come off them but aren't sure how to go about it. At the moment I have started with a cheat infection and my asthma has gone downhill, if I go to the gp now I 'll get antibiotics and steroids I need but he won't agree to ne coming off them. However, if I manage through the chest infection, I can go when I've recovered and maybe he'll be more open to it? (but I know this is silly!)

Any suggestions?

Sorry for bad spelling etc, on my phone and it won't let me go back and edit!

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Trying hard to get over this chest infection alone but not doing well, peak flow all over the place, I really want to get better so I can get off these tablets


Hi Butterfly,

Sorry to hear you are unwell. Other people on here have mentioned another similar but different medication before, is it zafirlukast?


Ah thank you, yes I have heard it mentioned before and might be worth investigating as a potential alternative.


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