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Hello everyone,

My name is Conor, and I am an asthmatic entrepreneur.

I have been an asthmatic since birth, and been having business/product ideas for nearly that long!

I hope this post is allowed on the forum, and if not then apologies.

I am doing some market research on asthma, specifically inhalers for a product I have invented which will save lives.

I have complied a short survey...

<details removed by moderator. As per terms and conditions agreed to on signing up to the forum and as listed on the forum topics, ""you agree not: Post messages to ask for participants for ANY research, be it asthma-related or not: Asthma UK insists on vetting all such requests, and so you should contact them via telephone or e-mail in the first instance"". Please contact>

Thanks in advance, and taking part is greatly appreciated.

Any questions please let me know.

Kind regards,


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Please let me know if you have done the survey, so I can thank you!




Many thanks, this is much appreciated.

This is not some random survey for the fun.

This will form part of my market research to form a part of my business plan for MY asthma product which I have invented. (sorry about the 'mys'!)

Please spread the word. I genuinely thank you.


Cant do it from my phone but will see if I can Sunday when I get a day at home.


Much appreciated, Sparkly.


Apologies to all.

I have now emailed to request this.


Is this going to be approved or not?!

Still no reply form admin...


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