First World Problems

Ive seen this on Facebook and heard it on the radio and thought it might be fun to have a thread here. What things bother you that anyone with real problems wouldnt even think about? I'll go first: Cadburys have changed the shape of their chocolate bars meaning they dont snap in straight lines. Similarly, my nurses dont take the tablets out of the blister packs in an ordered way which really annoys me!

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  • Don't start me off ( lol ) my is ""New and improved flavour "" leave it alone I liked it as it was lol

    Veronica xx

  • Oh I know I shall think of several, first off - why don't many people indicate to turn off at the first exit at roundabouts any more?

  • People who say 'I' when they mean 'me', annoys me far more than the other way round!

  • Sparkly, I'm glad I'm not alone in opening tablets in an ordered way he he

  • When they only order 2 of something, sell out and don't order more because 'there's no demand'. Err the fact you are sold out might contradict that?

    Misplaced apostrophes and 'less vs fewer'. grrr

  • Child proof bottles that you need to be the Incredible Hulk to open (lol)

  • Child proof bottles that you need to be the Incredible Hulk to open (lol)

    Childproof bottles that only a child can open - we used to give the medicine bottles to my younger brother because he was the only one in the house that could figure out how to get them to open.

  • Oh yes fluffy, definately!

    The amount of packaging with most drugs. Why can't I get my pred for example in one little bottle rather than 7 boxes and blister packs??

  • lol, philomela. english and grammar is not really my strong point so i always think of the 10 items or less signs at the supermarket being the wrong way around.

  • Using a sheet under the duvet cover (as well as the one on the mattress).

    Washing up bowls.

    Mountain climbers (just don't understand them - I love views from tops of mountains - but I drive up them)

    Socks with sandals.

    Husbands who don't tidy up their clothes (are you listening K?)

    Procrastinators (unfortunately I am one).



  • I have to connect my xbox to the wifi every time I want to watch something I've downloaded from iPlayer onto it even though it's stored on the system.

    And I bloody hate nurses doing that, Which is why I now have my pills in a tray and I self medicate haha.


  • When the 'easy open' tear strip on things like biscuits doesnt tear in a straight line.

    Why is the first biscuit in a pack always broken?

    When you get distracted and let a biscuit get too soft when you dunk it so it snaps off and goes soggy in your tea.

  • Sparkly forgot about the biscuits I hate that too lol.

    Fluffy xxx

  • Sorry just thought of another one

    When a doctor says "" you might feel a scratch"" they lie it flaming well hurts lol


  • So many first world problems-

    When I realised my phone was actually faster than my laptop

    Forgetting to take my phone to the toilet and having to read the label on the handsoap!!!!

    When you just cant connect to the free wifi in the coffee shop!

    When i fall asleep without putting my phone on charge :(

    Missing McDonalds breakfast by 1 minute and they just wont serve you the sausage mcmuffin that you can see on the shelf!!!

    Brushing your teeth then needing a drink - worst ever.

    Oh woe is me.... !

  • My spiriva Handihaler.

    That was a Friday afternoon design decision.

    My fine motor skills are terrible at the moment - getting the capsule in the little hole without pinging it across the room is a challenge!

  • These are brilliant! I can relate to a fair few!

    'express lane' checkouts that are nothing of the sort

    Please place the item in the bagging area on self service checkouts .........I HAVE!

    Opening a packet of crisps to find the bag half empty, aparently so the air cushion protects the crisps ....sorry, I'd rather have a FULL bag of broken crisps actually!

  • Butterfly, you need to go to the coop in Switzerland, big bags of crisps crammed to the top and quite a few broken ones too. still yummy :)

  • JamesW - I certainly agree on that. My GP asked how I got through the prescription quickly and I had to explain how several capsules didn't ever make it into the inhaler. I will probably find loads when I move my bed to clean!

  • Soft drinks bottles having slightly different size caps so I cant pop a sports cap onto a different bottle.

  • Ooo Lou, that sounds great!

  • neighbours (daughter) who insists on parking outside MY house when there's LOADS of other space - just cos her parents have got one of their cars outside their house!

  • When all my posts in the General Forum are referred and I just want to talk about what Im going through before I become even more insane!

  • Great idea. Oh I hate tablet packs and Spiriva is so fiddly! When all my posts in the General Forum are referred and I just want to talk about what Im going through before I become even more insane!

    All approved now, unfortunately some posts get flagged up in the anti spam measures so please bear with us and they will be up.

  • Thank you! I understand they are sometimes referred, just seemed like every single thing I wrote today, and its my lifeline while stuck in hospital!!

  • Painting my nails then needing the toilet, happens nearly every time...

    Also I left the house yesterday without my sunglasses for what turned into the sunniest day ever....... then tried to buy some in town but all I could find were scarves and hats

  • The itch you cant quite reach.

  • This is a fantastivc idea and it gives me somewhere to admit that I get wound up by the most ridiculous things!

    Drivesrs who signal left at a roundabout when they're really going straight across. GRRRRRRRRR

    The news reporter who stands outside Westminster and, without even looking ashamed, says 'The government are ...' There's only one! government so it's not 'are' it's 'IS'!

    Similarly 'different to' NO! Identical to, different from.

    Poached or fried eggs with broken yolks.

    And one that maybe isn't so ridiculous:

    People in the supermarket who tut and mutter about bad parenting and horrible children when my grandson kicks off. Welcome to autism you judgemental morons. He's not nasty, he just doesn't do queues. Or the word 'No' Or eating anything other than chicken nuggets. Or sleeping all night. Or new places. Or loud noises. And when he runs up to me for a hug I feel like I've just won something. You'll never have that feeling you sad people.

    Ooooh, sorry for the rant. I do feel better, though!

  • Oh I totally understand! I used to nanny an autistic little boy. He was the most adorable boy in the world and I loved him as my own, but when he had a meltdown there was absolutely nothing could be done until he calmed down, and nothing I could do to speed the process. Top deck of a bus was one particularly dreadful experience, had to carry him down the stairs and off in the middle of nowhere before we both got badly hurt and all the other passengers did was stare and tut, driver didnt even stop to help me

  • Many years ago, I worked in a children's respite home for children with special needs and one of the little boys with autism who had frequent meltdowns had brightly coloured t shirts with 'I'm not naughty, I'm autistic,' on the front. I thought it was a fab idea!

  • Many years ago, I worked in a children's respite home for children with special needs and one of the little boys with autism who had frequent meltdowns had brightly coloured t shirts with 'I'm not naughty, I'm autistic,' on the front. I thought it was a fab idea!

    JF, that's a fabulous idea! I'll tell my son and daughter in law about that straight away - I'm sure we can get some made for him. Thank you!

    And Sparkly, I hope your little boy's family appreciated how much you loved their son. It's often difficult for people to get past the meltdowns and see the frightened little person underneath but the reward when you realise that you are trusted and loved is just immense.

  • The fact smarties have wheat in them and some ice cream, and that I have to check the ingredients on everything just incase it has wheat in

    I totally relate to the looks for the meltdowns, I have Asperger's, ADHD and Bipolar and don't deal well with crowds, strange places or waiting.

    When people try to blame the pets for my breathing problems I've had pets for 30 years only had problems breathing for a few years, plus I also have problems when I stay at my Nan's and she doesn't have pets.

    That people think I have too many pets like 23 is a lot and like it's possible to have too many.

  • My first world problem: My new computer starts so quickly that I don't have enough tome to go the toilet in the meantime.

  • Insomnia

  • People saying arks when they mean ask. Its not an accent, accent would be the difference between 'ass-k' and 'arse-k', arks are something completely different.

  • I know that Sparkly my Nan says Tiddled instead of Tickled it really irritates me

  • one of my mates says pandemoDium instead of pandemoNium, it irritates me slightly but i don't say anything LOL

  • Ooh yes, it is irritating when people have clearly misunderstood or misheard words or sayings.

  • Oohhh, Sparkly, I've really been trying to keep my irritation at sloppy language under control but I'll have to have a little blast to keep you company!

    People who say pacific when they mean specific. Could of instead of could have. And my personal favourite, a work colleague who sent out a report that mentioned a lot of two-ing and throwing when she meant too-ing and fro-ing.


  • Oh yes! The pacific/specific one bugs me too. Another one is 'irregardless', its a double negative, it has no real meaning, even the dictionaries list it as being incorrect English! Just say regardless, no need for the ir!

  • Wemberley - from this weekend's X factor. Ridicklous. Din't.

  • Not only Wemberley, how about Engerland?

    Nucular instead of nuclear

    And I feel SO sorry for men who have prostrate problems - it's probably all that lying about face down that does it!

  • Oh yes nucular!

  • At a conference dinner last night one our colleagues upon being asked what was in the dessert replied ""teracotta"". We were in stitches and got lots of glares fom other tables who were trying to listen to a speaker. :)

  • Nothing to add on my own, but ROFL over prostrate men and terracotta deserts.

  • Prices ending in 9p. Im not stupid, I don't opt for something at 99p rather than £1 just because it seems cheaper. All these silly 9p prices do is leave me with a purse full of copper!

  • The 99p price came in to prevent people pocketing £1 as they would most often have to then open the till , thus registering the purchase, and giving 1p change...

  • I hadnt thought of that, makes sense but doesnt stop the coppers being annoying!

  • Next door's cat lurking under my car when I go out in the morning - I'm terrified that it won't have the sense to move and I'll run over it.

  • I'm glad i'm not the only one that has that fear Annista!!

  • Awful isn't it? How do you knock on your neighbour's door and confess that you've squashed her treasured cat?

    On hte other hand, he provides me with hours of harmless amusement - he liked to sit on my car roof and put the evil eye on all the other cats until the day he tried it when there was a nice layer of snow and didn't realise that the head from his little bottom wouild melt his nice soft snowy cushion so I watched fascinated as he suddenly started to slide down the windscreen, hit the bonnet with a bump and then fell onto the ground, hissing and spitting as only a cat can. Priceless!

  • Oh thats made my morning! I do love cats, especially watching their faces when the do something daft, Im sure they get as embarrassed as we do!

  • hahaha Annista that's brill!!!!!

    There's about 5 with cats in houses in this road (including mine :-) ) I often see the cats sitting on windowsills as i go past. There was one cat that used to live 2 doors down but was always outside and she was sooooo friendly - i used to love coming home to see Ruby and fuss her for ages.

    We noticed that we hadn't see her for a long time and were getting quite worried so was asked Carol aka Crazy Cat Lady who lives about 10 doors down if she knew and it turns out she'd taken Ruby in. Apparently the family were moving out and were just going to leave the cat there, i don't know how anyone can just abandon an animal like that!!!! I was glad Carol took her in (Carol also feeds about 4 local strays) but was a bit disappointed i wouldn't have Ruby to greet me when i got home from different places.

  • Hospital nighties that have you flashing your behind to the world.

  • CRB's!!!!

  • Oh, Jinglefairy - could you not borrow Ruby from time to time? I'm sure your cat lady neighbour wouldn't mind too much.

  • Mm I want a cat fix now! glad Ruby has a home though.

    sparkly I agree on the hospital nighties! Should have seen me last week, I was wearing 2 to avoid this problem, had no Pjs or clean clothes of my own so didn't want to leave my bed or put my clothes back on in case I had to stay in again and it all made things awkward. Resp reg took me for a walk round the ward to see how I did and sure he was delighted to get the full covered but ugh effect - he did comment when I'd changed back into my own clothes to go home (he came to answer some questions) that the previous day's work outfit was a big improvement on the pink horror lol!

    My current beef is with furniture companies who only deliver 9-5 Mon-Fri. Yes of course I am a lady of leisure, who works those hours anyway? Refuse to take annual lead just to wait in all day for thatm- bad enough on a Sat!

  • Not only furniture, Philomela. I was trying to arrange for an upgrade on my Virgin TV but they would only book a call between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Am I going to take a whole day off work to get a TV upgrade? No. I switched to Sky who arranged an appointment for Saturday. Look and learn, Virgin!

  • Ward rounds that could happen any time from 9am to 2pm, when I need to escape the ward for a couple of hours to preserve my sanity and catch up with a friend with a baby.

  • Always being given marg when I always ask for butter.

  • Not only marg, Sparkly, - how about accepting cream and being given evaporated milk. As my grandson would say - YUCK!

  • i agree with the pill packet thing, it drives me insaine!!!

    also things not being in a straight line like things on the wall it really bugs me, if i can (like they have been put in with a drawing pin) i get up and straighten them...


    Ashleigh xxx

  • Oh dear, I'm getting wound up about words again.

    What is interreact all about? I know how to react and I know how to interact but when it comes to interreacting I'm at a loss. How do you do it?

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