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Morning all just after some help with my 6 year old she was diagnosed quite young with asthma has brown, blue inhalers and takes antihistamines for rhinitis. She had grommets in February whuch has improved her hearing. As soon as the colder weather has came in shes sneezing ciughing being sick with phlegm doesht want to eat had to cancel swimming yesterday as she was up being sick fri night, same again last night we were up 4 times, it's like when she lays down she starts coughing and cant stop she has 3 pillows and inhalers dont work. Any help would be welcome

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  • Take her to the doctors!

  • Thanks would appreciate a helpful reply

  • Hiya, I'd say that she's probably struggling asthma wise because its been triggered by a cold going back to school etc (in my opinion, but I'm not a dr!!)

    I'd say that if she's struggling with her breathing and coughing etc as you're describing and inhalers etc not helping then you'd be best ringing 111 (over the weekend/after gp hours) and go and see a dr. If she's really bad and 10 regency puffs etc (in line with the AUK guidelines of what to do in an asthma attack) then you'd be best taking her to A&E/ringing for an ambulance.

    We're not able to give medical advice on the forum, I'm not a dr so this is the best I can do! What I will say though is that you shouldn't leave getting help because you feel silly or that you want to try just a little bit more reliever etc because you feel like you're wasting their time. You're not!

    Hope this helps, Laura.

  • Thanks Laura I am a frequent visitor to my gp and she ends up on steroids she also has been been to a/e several times but she doesnt wheeze she coughs she has what is described ad Coughing fits last batch resulted in about 40 a day which I recorded on my mobile to play to my gp! But again she ws given steroids,

  • I hate steroids! But they have a place - I'm on maintenance.

    What else is she on? You said brown and blue inhaler? Which is step 2. If that's right there's alot of stuff which can be trialled to get control. Perhaps doesnt help for the here and now but in the future! Perhaps calm down this flare with the steroids and then see what else can be done for long term better control?

    I fully sympathise with the lack of wheeze - drs rarely hear one out of me! Can be quite frustrating. Nothing worse than feeling as though you're being dismissed! I'd imagine that it's even worse as a parent watching your child struggle!

    Laura x

  • Shes in salbutomol and clenil was on montelukast but hosp discontinued as were not helping. There was talk about her being long term steroids as this is the only thihg that helps but shesvfinecdaytime! Frustrating! !

    Ann xx

  • Sounds very frustrating :-( I think alot of asthmatics are worse at night time!! There's also combination inhalers (have a steroid and a long acting ventolin type thing), from my understanding they don't like to give seretide to kids - that's the purple one. But there are others too - I'm on fostair, which is the same steroid as in clenil plus formetarol as the LABA, comes in a pink inhaler device. Has her consultant mentioned anything like that?

    Laura x

  • Thank you

  • Oh bless her! I also has a daughter, Ann. She is 3. She has asthma, eczema and sometimes sinus problems as well. She has blue inhaler and had a few course of antibiotics as well... Well I have to tell you it doesn't really helped... My friend recommend to us the salt cave as she has COPD. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning... We had the first session which was free and after I found vouchers on the internet. So we had like 5 sessions and its much better already! I bought another 5 for her (however its a bit expensive) but its worth every penny. Since she doesn't need antibiotics, and she hardly using her inhalers. She is a much more happy girl! I think try it the first is free anyway. Hope it will help for her! Get better soon! :)

  • hi there,

    i heard that dairy products may trigger the asthma. how is your son's diet?

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