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Chest noises and back pain

Hi all,

just signed up today to see if sharing my worries will help.

I was diagnosed with asthma early in 2012 following a really awful virus which manifested itself with the worst sore throat humanly possible combined with tiredness. Took a few months to get anywhere close to normal and then I was told that following the virus I had asthma. As I do quite a lot of exercise this was a bit of a shock until I read up and found that its actually possible to have a normal life.

So moving on a year on August 4th this year I completed the Round London 100 mile bike event in a very respectable 6hrs 30 mins, this really hurt physically but was a great achievement and I loved it.

Now the bad bit. A few days later I started to cough, a few days after that I started to rattle in my chest. Doctor said infection and prescribed 500mg amoxicillin 3 times a day. Went n holiday finished the course and it was worse than ever. French doctor doubled the dose and it helped but didn't clear totally. Went back to my docs in uk for a check up and she said there was a asthma wheeze there but chest was clear.

I now have a wheeze worse than I have ever had before and added to that the wheeze is joined with a very fine bubbling or rattling which is audible to family. I also have a dull ache in my back on the same side. I am now heading on a downward spiral of worse case scenario thinking and considering all the nasty lung related things it could be rather than asthma.

Does this all sound like typical asthma symptoms to you guys? I am an amateur in this and good do with some hand holding.

Many thanks

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Hello Johnj,

Welcome to the forum.

I would go back to your GP. Have you had a chest xray since you finished your last antibiotics? It may be that you still have an infection.


Thanks JF. As it happens I am wfh on Tuesday so will try and bag one of those elusive appointments in the 8.30 phone scrum. So frustrating as I took m daughter out this morning for a gentle ride on her mtb only to come back rattling like this. 5 weeks ago 100 miles today 5 miles arrggghhhhhhhh.


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