What allergens are around?

Normally my hayfever peters out sometime in August, having had my worst time in May/June. This year I have hardly noticed it, although I know others have been really bad. However, just in the last week it's suddenly got much worse, I'm coughing, losing my voice and getting the headache from mid afternoon. Any idea what's causing this? I'm assuming something is having a later season due to the strange weather but don't know what it is.

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  • Can't really help you identify it but my hayfever has flared up again this week (it has been bad generally this year though). When I discussed this with the nurse, as I usually reduce my antihistamine at the beginning of September, she said that everything seemed to be delayed this summer due to the crazy weather. I'm a bit annoyed really as Sep is usually quite a good month for me with my hayfever being over but before the children at work have time to passion their colds!

  • Yes I normally have a good couple of months in September and August before all the colds start, but at least I had a better summer than usual.

  • Grass pollen is still around - its past its peak but has a very long season. It's still causing me big problems.

  • Heather and gorse are out atm which gets me. There must be other things around this time of year too like fugal spores, noticed lots of mushrooms recently. Or, like you said, maybe it's something that's later than usual.

  • Grass pollens are still causing me problems but also weed pollens start around this time of year.

  • Don't think it can be grass because I haven't had a problem with it until now. Maybe some kind of weed is more prolific this year due to the heat. And I had stupidly thought my symptoms were less severe because I was less stressed.

  • I've been having some probs as well and couldn't work it out as the allergy tests came back negative - but cons did say they're not infallible. I am pretty sure about tree pollen so if that one also comes back negative (wasn't included first time) then it will make me wonder about the others.

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