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IV Aminophylline

I did do a search for this but I had no luck and wondered if u lovely people could help me out?

When I was admitted last Saturday I was put on IV Aminophylline but was taken off it after 48 hrs by a medical cons but I deteriorated a bit and my cons put me back on the aminophylline and today she has decided that I am stay on it till this Saturday so I will have had 5 continuous days. I feel much better which Is good as my lungs have been horribly stroppy lately but I have never heard of IV aminophylline being used this way, has anyone ever had this before?

She also said that if I was struggling once I got home that we could potentially try an elective admission very 4-6 weeks when I would have the IV aminophylline to see if that way we can get some control back.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Becca Xx

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I get this often. When I'm not too bad, 24 hours of iv aminophylline get my levels up to properly therapeutic and I can be taken off and go home, other times within 6-8 hours of stopping it I get worse so end up back on it. This is because iv aminophylline half life is shorter than oral (6-8 hours ish). When lungs are very angry and inflamed the iv Amino keeps lungs open (bronchodilator) until antiinflamatories (steroids) have a chance to reduce background inflammation. I think the theory behind elective iv amino is that if it works for you it bronchodilates so you aren't struggling too much so inflammation has a chance to go down, rather than vicious circle of inflammation making breathing worse, which cause you to be tachypnoeic and struggle so inflammation continues/increases despite steroids.

Elective iv amino has been discussed with me however I usually end up admitted even more frequently than the 6 weeks planned admissions :s

B x


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