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Am I being ridiculous?!

So I was admitted to hospital on Sat night with a severe acute attack that took more than normal to get me out of and was admitted to the acute dependancy unit. I am feeling a good bit better but I and the drs know that when I go back to my inhalers I will relapse and end up being re admitted.

I'm currently waiting to start a second trial of Xolair which we know will make a difference but I have another three weeks to wait :( so today when i was reviewed I was told I could go home (where I want to be obvs) but I felt that I was being discharged just to bounce back in again in a couple of days in a worse situation So I asked the drs what the plan of action is /what I can do to keep myself out of costa and was told there was no plan, nothing more that they could give me. I saw the resp nurse who made me feel like I was making a big deal out of nothing but she eventually backed down phoned my cons who is on leave with the result that I am to be put back on the aminophyllin drip till she can see me on Thursday.

I just kind of feel that maybe I am being stupid making a fuss about going home, just to bounce back in again but the attacks are getting worse each time because my chest is inflammed and where I live is not the ambulance sat nav system so trying to give them directions when poorly means that it takes ages before anyone can get me.

Thanks Becca Xx

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Hi Becca,

Sorry to hear you've been admitted and are having a rough time of things. I don't think there is such a thing as being ridiculous about something which can potentially be life-threatening. The concerns you have are perfectly genuine and anyone in their right mind would be thinking the same thing! It is especially worrying when you might have to wait some time before an ambulance can get to you if you need help.

I think a lot of medics (though certainly not all of them!) forget that this is our LIFE, something which doesn't just go away when we are not in their office/clinic. It's ok for them to go home at the end of the day and forget about it all, but we live with this 24/7, every single day, and if you are anything like me, anxiety/depression certainly doesn't help things!

Don't give up on your concerns - it's YOUR life you're fighting for!

I just read that all back and I apologise if it seems very harsh, but I have had similar experiences...



Becca hun, if you were being stupid, your consultant wouldnt have decided to keep you in when contacted, and keep you on IV aminophylline... they dont do that for stupidity ;) hang in there x


Thanks for the replies :)

The resp nurse came back and I apologised for being awkward but stood my ground that I didn't want to put myself in a potentially dangerous situation and she seemed to take on my point a bit more then.

Here's hoping the aminophyllin works and we get a plan of action in place so I can go home on Thursday!

Becca Xx


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