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Predicted vs personal best peak flow

Currently captured in costa - been here since Friday.

Bit confused about the ward nurses stance on pf. My best is 600 and this mornings reading was 230 pre nebs. Desperate to get out so was a bit worried about this. I have home nebs so don't have to go 24 hours without them when I'm captured!!

I asked this morning what my post neb pf had to be to get home and was told above 400 as the nurse has never known anyone get 600 and she can't get 400 LOL. ThIs is fine by me as I will definitely get home based on that!! Just confused as I normally have to get at least 75% so 450 before standing a chance of getting out.

So, what pf is it they matters? Personal or predicted best? If its predicted then I won't have a problem getting out of hospital during future admissions.

I'm a brittle with 14 admissions to my name in 2.5 months ...

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My best is 750 against predicted of 440, even on here I tend to talk in % cos if I said I was in a dreadful state with PF of 370 it sounds ridiculous, yet my cut off for admission is 380! My brother (also asthmatic) is unmeasurable on a standard meter as its around 900! My 'at risk' letter clearly states my PF is supranormal, but half the time they dont take notice...except when I wanted to be discharged with PF at 330 and cons said not til 600. Its so frustrating isnt it??


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