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Mild asthma gone a bit crazy

My mild asthma is normally fine during summer and flares up during autumn/winter. I play it by ear when to start taking my steriod inhaler. I normally know when I am starting to get more attacks its time to take the steriod as the attacks appear gradually... The problem is flu hit and its suddenly went from no attacks to 4/5 attacks a day :( Last night I had a bad attack where my inhaler (blue) did not work until I had taken 3 doses /clicks. My chest aches on the right side continuously and I have a constant cough/tight chest.

Will a trip to the doctors actually result in a change of treatment or will they just say to bide my time and wait for the steroid to kick in (a week)

Attacks for me are fairly typical : tight chest/ coughing/ wheezing/ difficulty in getting breath (ie my chest feels extremely heavy to get breath in) but never to the point where I cant speak.

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Hi Cherryness,

I would get checked out ASAP if I was you, you may have an infection and need antibiotics. There are many things they could do once they have checked you out/listened to your chest. From increasing your steroid temporarily, upping your treatment to the next step or giving you a short course of steroid tablets.

Have you checked out on the Asthma UK site, what to do in an attack and do you have a spacer? Don't hesitate to use more than 2 puffs of ventolin (separately) if you are unable to speak and if it doesn't get better after 10 puffs of ventolin, don't hesitate to call 999. (I don't want to scare you but as your asthma has gone from mild to increased symptoms so suddenly it is important you don't under react.)

Do you have a walk in clinic you could go to?

I hope this is helpful :-)


Thanks for the reply. I will make an gp appointment first thing tomorrow morning. It doesn't feel like an infection as I am not coughing up gunk, its purely just a tight chest feeling and a pain on deep breaths in but thats probably because i've been coughing so much. But what do i know! im not a doctor I guess! :P If I get another bad attack I will get seen today though :/ I feel exhausted just from feeling chesty constantly :( I've only JUST restarted my steriod inhaler today (yes I am a muppet... and I dont take it during summer when im symptom free).... I've been here once before a couple of years back and I just dont seem to learn! I reckon my husband wont be allowing me to make that mistake and underestimate my mild asthma again... hah.

I dont have a spacer... I dont know what that is. I use a turboinhaler so Im guessing this doesnt need one?


Hi again,

We have all been slow at upping our meds and learned the hard way so you are not on your own with that one! Lol. If I have any sign of a virus I step up my meds immediately, I have never not needed to so, might be an idea for you to do the same now you have had this reaction.

A spacer is used with the normal aerosol inhaler (MDI) and is the best during attacks as more of the medication gets into your lungs. Maybe worth asking about tomorrow. You could always just use it for times like now if you normally get on fine with the turbohaler.

I hope you get well soon.


hi hope you are soon better.

my asthma is normally mild but have a chest infection bringing up thick green gunk, i am having to use my inhalers more & i use my spacer when using them.

already had them this morning but going to have to use them again


I've got an appointment at 4.10 to see the asthma clinic nurse ;)

My chest has that 'post attack' feeling. It aches ! :( But at least I only had one attack yesterday and last night my chest was really clear !

Chest infections are awful! I hope it gets better quickly for you ... having asthma and that is NOT fun !!


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