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how to tell what's an attack and what isn't?

Hi, hope everyone's well

I know this is a question I should know the answer to, but how do I know I'm having an attack?! No one has ever actually explained to me what to recognise, and I'm not sure that what I think are attacks are actually attacks! I sometimes consider something just a worsening of symptoms that a few days ago I thought might be an attack and then I confuse myself even more. Also, what kind of state should I be in before I ask for help?

It just came to me that I should probably know this stuff!

Thanks :)

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Symptomatically, usually people find they are using their accessory muscles (chest muscles) a lot to get air in and out - you can see this in a mirror when you're asthma is bad. People also find it hard to talk and complete a sentence.


Thanks for replying, I'll have a look for that next time!

When you say hard to talk, would that include having to speak slowly and have a short gap between each word, rather than normal speed?


Yep - cant complete a sentence without gaps for taking a breath.


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