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Newbie to tell my team about asthma or not??

Hello all

I'm new here but not to asthma, I have had asthma for about 6 years i am on seretide and ventolin when needed, but have recently hot a Job on a holiday park, since moving out of home I have found tht I am more out of breath especially after doing a full set of party dances sometimes to the point where I can't speek for a few minutes after, I dnt know if I should tell my team members I have asthma or weather to just keep it a secret like I have been doing. I think they kinda know as last night u got asked if I was ok and as a joke my team asked the audience if any 1 had an asthma pump.

Sorry for the rant just wondering if I should tell them or not


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I would hon. Even if it's only a couple of people. There may be a time where you come off stage and need your inhaler but can't get it. Best to have someone know where it is.

Geina x


I meant to reply earlier but I got caught up watching a chick flick :P

I find that when I go anywhere new I have an adjustment period. Also when I moved away to university halls (obviously not the cleanest of places) my asthma spiralled out of control so you are not alone.

I think you should definitely mention it just in case. Its nothing to be embarrassed about and you could make a joke of it or make it serious, its up to you. Just don't keep it to yourself, don't worry they will be understanding but you don't want to hurt yourself by pushing yourself too hard.


asthma is pretty common - you might be surprised - maybe some of them are asthmatic too! I think it might be useful to tell them sooner rather than later. my thinking is, if i have an attack, do i want them to already know and trust that i know what to do, or them to find out there and then that im asthmatic when im not really in a position to explain that it doesnt always have to be a big deal! You dont even have to make telling them a big deal, do you take your inhaler before dancing (or whatever you do)? coz it could just be something as simple as taking inhaler in the changing room or whatever, and then they'll see it and if they want to ask they will, just less fuss that way. A lot of people do as unigirl does and have a bit where they prefer not to tell anyone, for me, i dont tell new people how severe my asthma is, but make it 'just one of those htings' that i have asthma so they arenty surprised when they do find out!


Thanks for the replies, I do take my inhaler before party dances but always do it in secret, I may just mention it to them then, the thing is I also find I dnt wheeze just cough lots and am very gd at hiding tht I am struggling as dnt want them to worry.


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