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wheezing and coughing for a week blue inhaler making no difference

so about 3 weeks ago i had an asthma attack. I went to the doctors and was nebulised and had a weeks course of antibiotics and steroids. It cleared up but then a week later it came back. Very wheezy, chest is very tight and coughing up green flem. My blue inhaler is making no difference and i dont know whether i should wait to see a doctor tomorrow or to call an ambulance?! dont want to feel like i am wasting the ambulances time, also i feel like i have a bad stabbing pain on the left of my chest wich is making me naseuas . help ...

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How much reliever have you had? How bad are you? Is there any other way you could get to hosp? If you're bad enough (use auk guidelines) go get help!! You can't mess around


well put it this way ive already gone through one inhaler this week and have nearly used up alll my second. i get really bothered that it might not be an emergency but it just gets worse, i feel like i should only ring 999 if im dying ! and i dont drive hospital is a couple of miles away.


You should probably get help. My advice would be (depending on how bad you are!) would be 1. Ring 111 and get advice, 2. Get a taxi to hospital or 3. Call 999

Only you can make the judgement ... But you can't mess around with asthma. I push it, but I know mine well and also wouldn't advise it!!


thankyou think im going to call 111. x


hi i hope you are getting the help you need as it can be frightening, i am new on here & just learning how to do things.

good luck


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