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Ok, going for the wisdom of crowds/has anyone e,se had this type question. I'm sure it's nothing interesting,mi just can't think what it could be. I get this sensation when I exhale occasionally, not all the time, and it feels like bubbles or something crackling between my lungs and ribs on the lower left side of my chest, where the ribs end. I know there is something very serious that causes bubbling, it's not that coz I'm not really struggling g to breathe and whilst my O2 has been a little on the low side lately, it's not anything scary going on. I appoint have any pain with it, it makes me want to cough as it feels like its bubbling where my lung should be (although I assume it can't be that, as surely that'd be serious, but that's how it feels, closest I can describe). I assume it ain't worth going out of my way to get GP appt for it, but if it persists I mig mention it next time I go. Just kind of strange and wondered if anyone knew what it was. I think with my asthma being so uncontrolled I tend to be more interested in the strange things my lungs do, I guess part of me is desperately hoping that it'll turn out I don't have asthma, but ""weird condition x"" which turns out to be treated by a one-a-day for a week pill. Lol! Some hope hey!

I've just been increased to 800mg of uniphylinne yesterday, and that plus the added ipatropium inhaler seems to be helping somewhat, and whilst my last attack was bad, it wasn't life threatening, they had amino ready to go, but I think that was an overreaction, and I think it was milder than a few I've had recently, so fingers crossed ill be able to get a bit of stability. Hope others are starting to feel a bit bertter (I also think that the weather is improving too!) x

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I get that sort of bubbling feeling/sound when I have a chest infection or pneumonia. I get it mostly in my left side and its an allover general wheeze/bubbling feeling when I exhale but can be on inhale too occasionally.

Do you think you might have/be developing an infection?

Sorry, can add anything else of any use but hope what ever it is is sorted soon x


I get this prior to/ during a chest infection also. I call it my 'fish pond' feeling which my consultant thinks is hilarious when described like that!!


I don't know if I've encountered the same thing, but what you're describing sounds familiar.

If I am encountering some sort of allergic reaction OR have an infection, I describe my lungs as being ""itchy"" ...

Can't offer any words of wisdom ... but can kind of empathise :-) xxx


If I am encountering some sort of allergic reaction OR have an infection, I describe my lungs as being ""itchy"" ...


I told my GP today that my lungs felt itchy - she looked at me as if I had gone mad and then replied ""well I suppose that is an itchy you can't scratch!""

Like others have mentioned, I did get a bubbling feeling (I described it as gargling feeling at the time) when I had pneumonia. I suppose a chest infection could have the same thing (I haven't had one for a while - she says going to find some wood!)


I get that with resp infections, it's the gumph vibrating in your tubes.


ok, very confused now. after a few good weeks i was quite poorly last night, although i guess the weather was a bit more muggy than usual today and yesterday, tried very hard to manage at home (possibly too hard) and was quite tired by the time i got to A&E, dont know if it was something to do with the bank holiday but there were three different locums looking after me which i always find a bit harder as they tend to be less familiar with that hospital and their protocols, double dosed mag, no hydro but theyve increased my pred to 80mg(!?!?!?!) and about a million nebs, and then rather oddly sent me home, despite saying i still had reduced air entry at the bottom of my right lung in particular and a wheeze, but i was far too concerned about having a night in my own bed than i was about wether i was well enough to go home.

anyway, one thing that really really confused me, the cons and med reg looked through my notes and apparently it says i had pneumonia when i was in a few weeks ago. but unless i have some kind of freaky amnesia, i never had antibiotics for it. i dont have it now, and i didnt think pneumonia went away by itself really, but why would my notes say it and then it not have been treated or looked into?? i remember something about an xray where the bottom of my lungs looked all white - is that what they are reffering to? and again - if thats the case how could it just go away (esp on pred which surely makes it harder for my body to fight it off) and why wouldnt it be treated?? Plus i was wondering if that might explain some bubbly-ness?? but i still get that occasionally and its gone now, so maybe not??

Also - another tricky Q that i will probs end up booking a GP appt to discuss, but thought id get an opinion from here/see if anyone has had any experiences. im really used to coming straight off 40mg of pred and onto my normal hydrocortisone dose, but 80mg seems like an awfully high dose of steroids, and my HC dose is equiv to just under 5mg of pred, and that drop seems ridiculously big! i deffo want to be off pred asap, as i find i only get the benefit from doing large jumps, not steady ups and downs (anyone else get that? or know why it is?) but i also dont want to wreck my body getting off pred. like i say - will probs have to discuss with GP, but i so often find they expect me to already have an idea in my head and wont put any suggestions forward (ugh!) and so was wondering if anyone had been in a similar position - bit of a long shot though i guess!

thanks for any ideas guys - its the pneumonia thing thats really confusing me!! xxx


Hey hun,

Just a quickie to say that I am really sorry that you are struggling yet again, its been good for you to have a few good days!! I wonder If it could be weather related? Its been quite warm where I am. but also dry heat. I really struggle (as you know!!) when it is muggy and I think its more humid up north at the min? I have had a *good* day lung wise today for the reason that its not muggy!!! Though a 5mg neb plus 30 puffs of salbutamol and then gonna do another 5mg before bed probably doesn't count as a good day for most!! BUT then I am currently on 2.5mg QDS + PRN!!

Pred wise, I think it might be wise doing a fast taper? Either 5 or 10mg a day? I know that you are covered adrenally (so wont go into crisis hopefully) going straight back down to just 20mg hydro, but I think that you might feel it physically? I know that below 20mg of pred I really feel just 5mg jumps.

My advise would be to see you GP, I don't think its advisable to self manage from such a high dose. I have tried to in the past and been unsuccessful. I don't think It would cause adrenal crisis (in my very little knowledge of AI!), but you'd probably feel awful?

I always feel rubbishy when I reduce pred. I (as you know too well!) tend to do my own thing with it. But really wouldn't try to self manage!

I have also just had a thought ... when I came to visit you a few months ago, when you were in HDU, your CXR had a lot of white on it ... you also had to have more than the usual dosage of mag AND they almost gave you aminophylline that time too? Perhaps that could have been the admission? You were certainly in for longer than the norm for you?

The past few days could be a combination of things? Too many short courses, weather, triggers etc? I really hope you feel better soon and avoid yet another admission!!


Laura x


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