Coming off inhaled steroids

Hope you are all well

After having another asthma attack in June I was put on steroids - flixotide and this week I have come off them and been really grumpy and out of character only been taking about 100mg a day.

Also does anyone suffer from asthma when cutting down budleila - butterfly plant as it sends my asthma completely tizzy lol


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  • I don't get why they are taking you off ics :-/ better to keep inflammation down than risk an attack!! I'd personally talk to gp and stay on them!

  • If you had an attack in June you should still be on inhaled steroids. I think the guidance says that inhaled steroids are recommended if had an attack in the last two years.

    Everytime I walk past a buddleia I have to hold my breath so I don't breathe in the smell/pollen and get triggered.

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