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Brittle asthma and mental health

I was diagnosed with brittle asthma about seven years ago and it feels like the resp team don't give a toss. I have two arrests one respiratory the other cardio respiratory numerous hospital stays tried various drugs, I am being considered for xolair again but the last time my IeG levels were too high so I can not see them being any different. I keep asking about subcut and they always trial something else. Fed up!

It is starting to effect my mental health, last time I woke woke up in ITU (7/8) I had a go at the nurse for keeping me alive. I had accepted during the attack I was going to die and was so annoyed to wake up. I feel totally isolated and lonely. I have put on 4 stone since October and am due to get married this October and the weight from the pred is piling on I wont fit in my dress.

I feel totally abandoned by friends because I can not do what they do and I can't sit in their houses because they all smoke. I have just had enough.

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Its a really tough diagnosis isn't it? Have you been offered a referral to a psychiatrist? I was told its quite usual in Brittle asthma because it does impact your whole life so much. If you haven't, and you think it would help, then ask for it. As with the rest of the asthma business, 'theres no magic wand' (do you get told that as often as I do???) but getting support to help deal with both the physical and emotional aspects of the condition is essential.

Have you bought your wedding dress yet? I know the weight gain is hard to deal with (Ive gained 2st in 8mths and am overweight for the first time in my life, having worked as a personal trainer until December!) but there are some absolutely beautiful dresses available in all sizes now, and when the day comes, you will be the most beautiful woman in the world - thats every bride's perogative :-)

All the best, I hope you start to feel brighter soon.


I am also diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder and I think I read somewhere once personality disorders and brittle asthma go quite well together so I am cursed with both,

I have my dress already, I never imagined I would get this unstable again if that makes sense.

Currently I am in treatment for my mental health - A therapeutic community but I am sure they will propose my discharge due to missing sessions because of the asthma.


You've got a lot to cope with and its no wonder you are feeling the effects of it. I have a couple of friends with BPD, and one spent a year in a therapeutic community (Cassel) which was really positive for her. I would hope they have empathy with your situation and dont discharge you because of your asthma - and that overall it is a supportive environment.

I have lots of chronic health issues including significant asthma, and it is a big psychological adjustment. For me, therapy was really helpful in coming to terms with how my physical health had changed my life.

take care


I hope the TC works but sadly it is a non residential and they seem to have a strange way of running it. I would of jumped at the chance of going into a residential TC.


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