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Peak Holidays (around ten years ago)

Hi. I used to go on holidays with ashtma uk around the country. These were adventure holidays. I went to nottingham a few times and other places (cant remember where). I am just wondering if these holidays are still happening? They were run by volunteers and the main person was a gentlemen named patrick. Has anybody got any information if these holidays are still happening or even happen to be apart of the holidays around 10 years ago.

I was a twin with a brother called Chris. I remember staying in long eaton in nottingham but that is the only place i remember. We was two tall people for our age. I remember winning the fancy dress with a black bin bag around me (haha). Also remember winning an Asthma UK wristband for being picked to dress in womans clothes from charity shops.

If anybody was part of these holidays or if they are still happening could you please email me at as i would like to give something back.


Daniel Glover

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They are to an extent my understanding is that they have set up a new seprate charity called ascape but its still in its early days. Can be found on facebook though


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