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Feeling SOB, PF fine

I haven't felt right since yesterday. I went for myself usual mornng run and felt myself really struggling and my run turned into a very lethargic walk. Was fine after that until I went for a long walk in the evening, I felt very SOB by end of it and not right for rest of evening. Today. Have not felt right since I woke up. I was on the phone earlier and fond myself out of breathe just talking,even walking to kitche is tiring me. PF is fine but never really corresponds to how I feeling. My chest has been tight all day and although I have taken reliever I do not feel that it has made much of a difference. It probably won't develop into anything as it doesn't usually but it is my summer holidays and I'm fed up of feeling this way and having to cance plans also. I haven't moved from the sofa all day.

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Oh poor you :( I often find my PF nearly normal despite horrid symptoms. I've found this year some of my inhalers have seemingly run out really quickly, and actually they've overheated... Maybe worth trying another reliever (if you have one)? Hope you feel better soon x



If you're feeling that rough, my advice would be to go and seek help, especially if your reliever is not being as effective as the norm. That is why asthma action plans are based on a combination of peak flow, reliever usage and symptoms. My peak flow can be fine, yet I can be critically ill or vice versa.




I'd agree with Laurs - if your reliever normally works for you and now is not doing what it normally does, I'd book an appointment with your GP at the very least. (Or if really struggling, consider more immediate help). Reliever not working could mean (a) something not asthma is causing this (b) asthma needs a temporary step up in meds because inflammation is getting in the way of your reliever doing what it should. Figuring out which of those it is, is not likely something you can do on your own, because it may need the doctor to listen to your chest or do a blood count to check for infection - not exactly in the average home first aid kit!


Thank you for your replies, I felt a lot worse yesterday than I realised (my brain won't function when I'm tired) but in the end I just rested til I felt better. I am at my dads at the moment so nowhere near my usual docs or my old docs at my mums but I have an appointment for when I get back on Thursday and will mention then but I know I'll just get a 'put your meds up' or 'if it happens again come back'. Today I have been resting again so feeling a lot better (not normal by a long shot) but I know for definite that it'll be back within a week, usually I can manage to just plod on however I am not my usual chirpy self when this happens and I don't feel all there.. Yesterday was a particularly bad day but it is really interfering with my life and more worryingly with my course at uni.

In terms of listening to my chest, no one has heard anything as far as I know even when struggling. Also I had a chest infection last year that went unnoticed for a while and docs didn't hear anything on my chest. But obviously I will ask they listen etc. if I have another day like that I'll defo be ringing nurses for advice, I think I'm just a bit stubborn at times or don't realise how bad I am til after.

On another note does anyone else find that they get really Weepy when they aren't feeling well with their asthma, last night I had a good cry over absolutely nothing and then felt all sorry for myself for ages. I think it's just the tiredness to be honest, I'm sensitive when I'm tired

Sorry for wittering on...


No need to apologize for ""wittering on""....

But it does sound like you need a hug right now even more than asthma advice... with permission ((((hugs)))).

Too little sleep can easily make one weepy and/or easily irritated. Is there a reason you are not getting the sleep you need?

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Oh no Unigirl, sounds as if you are really struggling at the moment.

Is your lack of sleep due to asthma? No matter what is causing it, I think lack of sleep causes most people to feel weepy, frustrated etc. Does your GP/asthma nurse/ cons know about how the asthma is impacting on your life (ie not just the symtoms but the tiredness etc)? It has only been recently when I have been totally honest with my asthma nurse about my ability to cope with everyday life with the tiredness (and not just asthma symtoms) that these were addressed (still not resolved though). At the moment, we are looking at whether the meds I take and huge amount of reliever could be contributing to it. Just some ideas although you probably know/have considered all this anyway.

The other thing I am finding is that plodding on is a lot harder during the summer holidays than when I am at work with a focus and have to get by.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Thank you Beth, exactly what I needed.

Well as soon as asthma is bad tiredness kicks in (say I have a tight chest and require reliever, I'm usually pretty tired for rest of day) but some nights I am waking feeling SOB, I never sleep Through the night, I'll wake up at least 6 times, usually only for a min.

Well my cons vaguely knows, I have another appointment in oct but I am trying to get it pushed forward at the moment. I have an appointment with asthma nurse on thurs but it is not my usual (usual is at uni).

Well I am not working at the moment, i needed a good rest in the holidays, but plodding on just isn't the same is it? I feel your pain Kayla.


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