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Shift in symptoms

Anyone's symptoms change as time goes on??

My daughter has brittle asthma and adrenal insufficiency. Her chest has always been full of mucus, she coughs up alot of gunk etc too. When she's symptomatic, she coughs and coughs and as she gets worse, she gets SOB and wheezy.

Well, the last couple of days, she has been SOB and wheezy on and off but has not coughed once!! It's catching us out a bit as we see her cough as an alert!!

Anyone else had this shift in symptoms?? Is it common??

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Obviously my asthma and age are totally different to your daughters but, even after 25 years of living with asthma, I find that my symptoms (and severity) changes. I have had a general shift from wheeze to cough being my main symptom over time which has also seen me up and down the treatment ladder. Recently, I have found it hard to put my finger on my main symptoms so kept a detailed symptom chart which was interesting. Basically, I found that if my trigger had an allergic component to it (hay fever, animals etc) then I get full of mucus (I do get quite bad post nasal drip) and a productive cough. However, when the trigger is perfume or cigarette smoke (which only tend to be triggers when my asthma is bad) I am more prone to being wheezy (I don't wheeze much at the moment at all) and have only a slight dry cough which I think is more the throat irritation caused by my turbohaler (I can't take Ventolin).


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