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Help Asthma UK test our new online game for older children/younger teenagers

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Hi everyone,

We're developing an online game to help older children and younger teenagers understand the importance of using their preventer inhaler and the importance that good planning can have in reducing asthma attacks. It's just one of several methods we've got plans for in order to engage with audiences that - in the past! - have traditionally been some of the hardest to spread awareness and provide information to.

Before we release this to the general public though, we wanted to get some feedback from our forum users. It doesn't matter if you're not in the target age-group, we're keen to get views from people all across the board on this.

If you would like to help us test the game and give us some feedback, please send an email to, using the subject line Game Testing. You'll need a Facebook account (we know that plenty of people don't like/use Facebook, but unfortunately it's necessary in order for us to authorise you to test it for us).

Thanks in advance,

Hugh @ Asthma UK

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