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Almost 5 hours in A&E

Morning all, I had a strange day health wise yesterday. Sunday night I had a few pains in my chest but yesterday I was ok when I woke up. Steadily during the day it became painful to breathe and had horrible pains in chest, back and shoulder, I phoned the GP surgery and as soon as I mentioned pain in chest the receptionist said I needed to phone 999 and get to hospital! I thought this was a bit extreme so I got a taxi to A&E after various tests & X-ray the Dr said I have viral pleurisy, advised due to asthma I could only take paracetamol and rest.

As its the school holidays this morning I am taking it easy and putting my feet up. This afternoon I actually have a ct scan of my lungs booked as my asthma consultant wants to see what's going on in there and try get to the bottom of why I keep getting infections.

Feeling worn out and shattered but know I'm getting old as I thought the hospital Dr looked about 12 hahaha.

Lisa x

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Hope you feel better soon.


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