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I haven't been on the forum for a while so I hope everyone's lungs are behaving!

Unfortunately I've hit a bit of a brick wall with my asthma :( I'm on Seretide, Ventolin, Uniphyllin, Certrizine, montelukast, pred (ment to be 10mg but can't get below 25mg these days) I've tried atrovent, tiotropium, symbicort, oral salbutamol (put me in a funny heart rhythm :/ ) and Xolair to no avail.

My consultant has decided to try me on another trial of Xolair but she has said that this realistically is my last treatment option and to be hones that scares the living day lights out of me!

I'm really beginning to struggle at work ( I'm a nurse) to the point of having sneaky nebs if I get poorly at work and could face losing my job on health grounds :( I'm in A n E all the time I only managed 2 weeks between attacks last time :(

I'm just struggling to get my head round it all and was hoping you wonderful people could give me some advice on any other treatment options that maybe i haven't thought about or how u have adapted to the end of the line discussion



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  • Hi

    I don't post here often if at all but read the boards. I am in a similar position to you to. I am also a nurse and returned to work today after 3 weeks off wot and two hospital admissions including having to go to hdu. I thought I felt ready to go back but got to work and just struggled. My charge nurse is really good and I was allowed home but I feel I keep letting them down. Been off 7 times in a year all with asthma and just can't stop having severe attacks that end me in hospital. I live my job but worried my sickness is going to start impacting on work. I am lucky in a way because in between attacks as long as I take my medication I am relatively well during attacks. When well I still need to take my ventolin a huge amount so still really not controlled. Have to go see occupational health ur not sure what they are going to say :(

    Just Tux

  • Hey thanks for replying :)

    I dread to think how many times I've been off this year alone :( I have been to Occy health but their attitude was that this was the nature of my condition, their will be times when it is settled and there will be times when it isn't. They did talk about redeployment To another setting like outpatients but tbh it isn't going to improve my sickness record as my asthma isn work related.

    My charge nurse, in fact everyone in the department are really supportive of me, they have all seen me ave attacks and know that Iif I'm off sick then I'm really sick (generally sitting A&E) but I do worry that they are going to lose patience shortly which would be understandable! I hate having to take so much time off work and I feel awful for the other staff who then have to pick up the slack.

    I just wish something would work! That things would settle down and I could just get on with my life for a while.

    Thanks again


  • Sounds like a very similar situation. Like you my asthma is not work related. I could be doing anything from sleeping to running a marathon (well not quite) but the severity of my attack could be the same.

    Just Tux

  • Also can you send private messages on here?? Was going to message you?

  • It's so fustrating isn't it!

    Hmm we used to be able to but I'm not sure now, i shall investigate :)

  • Apparently we can't anymore because if the lack of moderator ability in PMs :(

  • That's annoying. Would be nice to share ideas about working on the wards with asthma and dealing with it etc without clogging up the forum. I hate being off sick. Been off for 5-6 weeks now seeing gp bout going bk to work on phased return!!! Hope your well

    Just Tux

  • That's rubbish Just_TUX I hope u get back go work soon!

    I think what I find frustrating is that I have sudden severe attacks but can generally function in between times so every 2-3 weeks I take an attack get admitted then have a day or 2 off post discharge then go back to work . I have wondered of taking a bit more time off after an attack might be more sensible but I hate being off sick!

    I have yet another sickness review on Thursday :( and although my manager and matron are very supportive I have been told that if Xolair doesn't work this time then they are going to have to carefully consider what would be best for me....very scary times!

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