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Anyone get this??


Just wondering if any of you can relate to this....

Last week, looking back, I was using Ventolin quite a lot more. I was getting out of breath more when climbing the stairs etc too.

I went out Friday night with my husband and we walked into a bar which was quite stuffy and immediately I felt like my chest was caving in and I couldn't get a decent breath. I started my silly 'asthma cough' which was frustrating as it felt a silly cough to have and my chest wasn't happy at all. Id left my inhaler at home as had taken 4 puffs before going out so thought id be fine!! (wont be doing that again!!)

We came home shortly after that and I took 8 puffs of blue and was fine again soon after.

Anyway, I woke the next morn (sat) with a pain in my side and back, kind of in the rib region. Was, and still is really painful. I'm still a bit wheezy on and off and have v v occasional coughing fits but other than the pain, I'm ok.

I'm just worried as I am not producing mucus which is wierd for me as usually do. Also the pain doesn't increase on breathing which again in odd for me too. BUTits still there and uncomfortable!! It runs right round my ribs, sometimes at the front under my left rib and other times in my side but always in my back lower rib area!!

Is this something to do with my lungs?? Maybe to do with fri night?? Or something else?? I'm a worrier and just feel its different this time :-/

Anyone had this??

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Hi Emily

i get this quite a lot as well, i've put it down to the fact that when i cough and have trouble breathing i'm exercising 'accessory muscles' and if this carries on it gets achey.

however i know some people have cracked ribs from coughing so if its still painful on monday, might be an idea to pop into gp just to be safe, as it could be lots of things.

i produce quite a lot of mucus as well, but unlike you i find i produce more after i've been clubbing etc. this might be because to go in or out you always end up walking into a wall of smoke of various forms ( i find the smell of weed much worse than cigarette smoke). and the muggy-ness /people dowsing themselves in cologne/perfume and evaporating alcohol.

but you said the air was quite heavy? i was also out on friday night and had the same problem (it was quite easy to dive into a dark corner and puff on my inhaler though)

but all in all it could be a lot of things,(so i'm putting on my responsible's a bit dusty) and suggesting you visit the ol' GP

hope you feel better soon



I never leave the house without inhaler. The one time I forgot it since I've had it I felt very ill but luckily wasn't an attack, just tight chest that passed on its own. It's sods law that if you go out without you'll feel I'll. I thinkit would panic me if I didn't have it with me.

I find that these days I can't go in any clubs and I have to be very picky with which bars I go in. If anywhere ever feels stuffy (including shops too) I leave straight away.

I occasionally get aches and pains on my chest but they soon pass. Maybe ring asthma nurse or go GP


Stuffy rooms is one of my triggers. I am always opening windows during training weeks at work and get strange looks lol. My close colleagues know why!


Speaking of stuffy rooms,my lungs have felt twitchy the entire day and I have been fine(except very tired for no reason) and, around half hour ago I suddenly felt very warm and SOB(sounded like I'd just got in from a run), like the room was really stuffy, so I opened the windows and around 10mins later I felt fine again. I get this really often during the night(sometimes in day too) and just open windows and itll eventually calm down. And then I'm straight back to sleep. Sometimes I need to take my inhaler but not always and this time I did not need any salbutamol.

Does anyone else get this? I find it very odd especially that opening a window relieves it.


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