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Hi everyone,

I am in need of some advice. I have managed to get hold of a lsat minuet ticket for V Festival ( my friend selling it). I have never been to a festival before but have always wanted to go. But I am a bit worried how my chest will be. My asthmas is difficult to control and have had ITU admissions. I am already on pred ( 3 weeks now) so dont have that to fall back on.

Are the first Aid facilities good , (hopefully I wont need them.)

Those of you who have been to festivals how have you managed.

Thank you

Carolyn x

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A bit nervous about the festival now. Had an attack early hours of this morning whilst at work. came on really quickly I couldn't manage to take my inhaler. It has been a while since this has happened. Luckily I work in a hospital so was close to a&e. Hope it doesn't happen whilst away at V festival



Hello Carolyn,

I can reassure you that the First Aid facilities at the V festivals are Excellent ! St John Ambulance have been covering them since 1996.

I work at the V fest in Chelmsford, radio comms for St John ambulance. We have very good first aiders, lots of FA posts, plenty of health care professionals from Paramedics to nurses to Doctors available.

I would perhaps make yourself aware of where the posts are, we are all dressed in green and black uniforms. Posts are usually visible.... we also have a field hospital...

The Local hosp is very good too... that is where I go when my asthma is not good. (I am brittle...)

Staffordshire will have a similar set up!

Anyway, make sure you have all your meds on you at all times, a list of what you take, on you too! Drink plenty,,, of water!




Thanks Kate, I do feel more reassured . I will certainly make sure I know where the FA points are and have a letter outline my asthma and all medications . My friends are good too and know what to do.



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