Lungs wont behave

Well I've now been moved to severe asthma unit and meet my new consultant next month from Hartlands.Had full tests done today wired up to for ecg,sats,BP etc and blood from my ear.

Lungs just womt behave on max everything ,nebs and steroids as.needed.Oxygen sats.92%.

Hope tests help them sort me out as think brittle.asthma 2. Got wait till next month meet my new con as asthma team moved me.up man now. ...glynis

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  • Oh no, hope you feel better soon. I am having that bike test done soon. What is the blood from the ear for? Have you had the results for this? My cons said he will look at my stats on the same day and tell me what he thinks there and then. Hope they get to the bottom of it for you!

  • hi unigirl2.

    they took blood from my ear to re check oxygen sats as did finger monitor and needed double check with blood and was 92% still.That was all they told me and will tell me more when see my new glynis

  • Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. Hope your doctor can find a way to make it better. Best wishes and all strengh from here. *hughs*


  • blood from ears is a capillary blood gas, as opposed to arterial blood gas - its much less painful. Most places dont do this as it requires different stuff and machinery.

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