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Regular activities. Help!

Hi everyone how are you doing? hope great. I am a little bit under the weather today, too much humidity. My chest and my back are aching. took all my meds plus ventolin and it kinda help. I am still coughing, not much much at least, but I still feeling my lugs weird.

That kept me away from my regular activies I normally do. Today for example, it was university. Someone told me that all I had to do was taking 2 puffs of ventolin every four hour and I could do whatever I want. Yesterday in the place were I live we went from 62°F to 91.4°F not cute at all!. Question is, it true what they said about the 2 puffs? Do you happen to know a way in which we don´t have to miss our regular activities? I already lost a subject at uni because I wasn´t able to attend for two weeks and I seriously don´t wanna loose another. Hope not to sound moanful at all. Best wishes to all of you out there :)

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