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Pain in chest in the morning


So the last few months I have started waking up in the morning (regardless of how bad or good a night I have had with my asthma) with pain across the back of my chest that's worse when I breathe in. I have said about it to my consultant and gp and its kind of been ""ah right ok"" then skipped over

It's got to the point where it's waking me up rather than me waking up with it and it's taking about 2 hours to ease off, or until I give in and take paracetamol but even that seems to be less effective now.

My question is, has anyone had this? do you know if its something I can change? Im not trying to be a drama queen it's just starting to really get to me and effect my mornings and I'm worried I will start being late for work or affecting my work as its really slowing me down.

Any hints tip, help anything would be greatly appreciated!

Callie :)

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Yes I have something similar, I wake up most mornings with an ache around my ribs, even during weeks where I have no other asthma symptoms. Sorry not sure what to suggest apart from using ventolin which I'm assuming you've already tried.


Whereabouts in your chest is it? Could it be reflux pain? You would be surprised just how uncomfortable that can be... Try some over the counter Zantac for a few days to see if it helps and sleep plumped up on pillows to reduce risk of reflux. You might find it reduces :)


I take omprazole for reflux but i have felt it getting worse so it may well be that I will give it ago! It's in the top of the back of my chest, it's like a belt has been tightened around it. (If that makes sense)

I've tried taking ventolin at the same time as I take my morning symbicort but it doesn't seem to help!

Thank you for the help :)

Callie :)


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