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Hi all. Not been here much for a long time.

After a year of struggling from, firstly, pneumonia, then from significant effects of being coated in building dust from major repointing work to the house and, finally, the effects of this summer's weather/pollution, I have eventually succumbed. I am about to be pulled into RBH for a week or so of intensive treatment to try to get me back to something much closer to how I was doing early last year (which was terrific).

The complication is that it is at exactly the same time as the removal lorry is booked to pack me up for my journey from West Sussex to the Orkney Islands. After escaping to ""The Gateway to the South Downs"" from the noise and dirt of Kensington two years ago, I am packing my house again and am relocating far North to the beautiful, big skies and the cooler, clear air of West Mainland, Orkney. I thought the sale and move were going rather smoothly!

Hoping to make it Day 1 - Removal; Day 2 - Completion; Days 3 to 11 - Costa del RBH; Day 11 - Start drive North. Chances???


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Ooh the Orkney Island bit sounds very exciting. I hope it all goes perfectly to plan for you! And good luck in the RBH :-)


What a fantastic place to move to! Look out for the Orkney Voles! They are quite friendly apparently...


Thanks, both.

Kate, It's not just the voles that are friendly. I can't think of anywhere that I have been that is more so than Orkney. I have been welcomed with arms opens so wide by so many Orcadians already and I haven't even quite moved there permanently yet. Roll on next week, when the journey from dream to reality is due to begin. Just one minor legal hiccup and a (new - grrrr) chest infection to overcome and I'm on the way. :)

The GP practice here has been helpful. They have given me 3 months of all my medicines to cover me while I transport myself and get established and registered permanently in Orkney. Understandably, I have had to promise that I will not rely on those alone and will seek seek medical assistance if I need it in the meantime, wherever I am in my journey, but, as I have openly admitted here before, I learned those lessons a long time ago.

Ooo. I am so excited.




That sounds amazing AlanJ. I'm just about to go on holiday to Scotland, heading up the north west and north coast and hope to get to the Orkneys and Hoy in particular. Very exciting, it's so beautiful and I can understand how you're excited about moving there. I hope the move goes well and chest infections clears without hiccups. Are you still going to do your week at RBH (post infection)?


Oh, lou, how exciting for you too. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Make sure you have your midge repellant, particularly for Hoy, and then enjoy every moment. I am looking forward, once I have settled in Orkney, to get to travel around Scotland too, especially the west, including the Western Isles. There is just so much beauty to be shared.

I get such such fantastic care at RBH that I have asked to keep my treatment there as long as I can afford the fares. Because of that, I will be driving North immediately after completion, before then flying back for the week (could be 10 days) at RBH in September. Fortunately, from the logistics point of view, I am having to wait for about 3 weeks. I just have to be very careful in the interim, particularly with this latest, and very sudden, chest infection. I have promised to take myself straight to A&E, wherever I am, if things get worse. I got the list in the post today of the things they have planned during my stay. As always, it is such a comprehensive block of treatment and tests. I'll need another holiday. Enjoy yours.



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