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discharged! :D

I am discharged from my resp consultant & definitely, 110% confirmed asthmatic. I have tight rules for getting referred back to the hospital which cons is gonna write to my gp stating, which are basically:

[*]3+ courses of pred within a year.

[*]3+ A&E visits within a year.

[*]ANY hospital admission.

is it ""normal"" to have strict rules for referral back to a specialist?

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I don't remember having conditions to my discharge from cons. When you were referred in the first place did the cons think it'd been a bit late? Maybe they want to see you as soon as things go downhill again to get on top of things sooner. Whatever the reason it'll mean you're getting more specialised care sooner.


I was referred onto cons by A&E/A&E obs ward after I'd landed myself a bed about 5 times in 2 weeks & multiple A&E visits, so maybe? I'm not sure.

I feel under pressure to stay well now, meaning I'll most likely NOT see my gp when I need to and leave myself in a worse position than I would have been if I'd have seen her sooner. :/


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