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PF monitoring

I'm sure the answer is ""stop being so irritating and just do it"" but i cant seem to get my head to remember to record my PF three times a day. my asthma nurse has asked me to try and do it, and i really honesty keep trying with the best intentions, ive tired ipad apps (but cant find one that works well and reminds me when to do it) Ive tried making my own charts, and using the AUK ones, but whilst im more than happy to take my meds and stuff i just cant seem to motivate myself to do it, and even when motivated i often forget. Like i say, i suspect there is no real answer to this one, but does anyone have a way they make it easier??

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I think this just comes down to an individuals desire to do it. You've said it yourself ""I just cant seem to motivate myself to do it"" thus is it really about forgetting? I keep my PF meter and book with my inhalers, hence there is no 'forgetting' because its there in front of me when I take my inhalers.


Have you tried putting it in a prominent place? Like next to the kettle or something? It might help if you can see it.

It worked for me to force me to use my inhalers properly since I am hopeless at taking them!


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