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Really struggling

Hi all, hope we are ok. I don't like to rant and moan but sometimes you just need to let off steam don't you?!

I have been really (and I mean really) struggling the last few days...I can't seem to do anything without feeling sob/wheezing/coughing/tight chested. Even sitting still, I feel symptomatic. I tried doing some housework yesterday but I struggled to even clean one room. I tried walking to work last week (a 15 min journey), and had to stop 3/4 times to get my breath back/take my inhaler. Plus I think I have a chest infection brewing :( The thunderstorm last night certainly didn't make me feel great...prob my worst night I've had with my asthma. I've also been for a review at the GP's recently where my meds were increased again. And was told under strict instruction to come back in a fortnight if no improvement. They said they would now want to refer me to the hospital and see a specialist.

Sorry for the moan. Take care. Jenna

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so rubbish! Hope they get it sorted out (:

Best wishes,



Hi Jenna, sorry to hear you're having a rubbish time, and feel free to moan away, it does help to air how you're feeling, especially where people know what you're going through.

Sounds like the increase in medication isn't really helping at the minute, maybe you need s short course of oral steroids to get on top of things, or maybe the referral might be the best thing? I would think that if you're struggling so much, you should go back to the gp now, rather than wait the fortnight they suggested.

I really ought to listen to my own advice really, I'm struggling at the moment too, findig walking at anything more than a snails pace has me reaching for my inhaler and the thunderstorms really dont help do they!

Good luck xxx



I'd say take yourself to the GP before the end of the 2 weeks!! Uncontrolled asthma is no fun and potentially dangerous!! Don't let things get to that point!! The guidelines state that if you have to use your reliever more than a couple of times a week your asthma as not controlled, maybe a course of pred will sort it?

What step of treatment are you currently on? Are you managed by your GP at the min?

Take care!

Laura x


Hello, thank you for your replies. I am current still under care of GP and asthma nurse at my surgery, but they have said the next step will be a referral. I am currently taking Seretide 500 (4 puffs a day), Certrizine allergy tabs, Montelukast and 40mg of Pred; that is supposed to be tapered down. I've really had enough now; had an ambulance call out at work recently, but didn't go to hospital as he couldn't hear a wheeze...despite the fact my PF was less than 170 (PB is 390). I tried making an appointment this morning, but was constantly busy and all appointments for the day had gone by the time I got through. I feel like every movement is like wearing a corset whilst climbing Mt Everest. Sorry to moan.


Ahh no, not good :-( if its any consolation, my asthma this year had been totally out of control too. A more recent admission saw me go upto 60mg pred ... hate the stuff with a passion!!

With regard to coming off pred, are you tapering it? And are you working to a maintenance dosage? IMO it sounds as though a referral is probably necessary!!

The no wheeze rubbish drives me mad!! I rarely wheeze and when I do I am not that ill!! I think medics pay too much attention to this rather than the other physiological factors!! Ugh - so frustrating!!

Anyways - hope you get sorted!! GP practices are supposed to always ensure they can fit in asthmatics!!

Good luck!! X


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