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What Next?? More Pred?


Like many people on here, my asthma has flared up lately with the very warm weather and the pollen count being so high. I was put on Pred 40mg for 5 days by the nurse at my GP surgery, and I'm just coming to the end of another 5 day course as I am still having symptoms. I've also started using Salbutamol a 3/4 times a day as well. I also already take Seretide 250 four times a day and Singular.

I'm thinking of going back to see the doc tomorrow as I thought I would be better by now and I'm a bit concerned at taking any more Pred. I do feel a bit better but normally my asthma is really well-controlled (my PF readings always stay the same no matter if I'm feeling bad or not.) Last week when I saw the nurse she prescribed Fostair, which I tried a few times and although it gave some relief it didn't seem to last as long as the Seretide. The ""official"" advice seems to be that, if you need more Salbutamol than normal, you need different treatment, yet I'm already on steroids and I don't think I can take any more Seretide.

Is it normal to need more than a short course of Pred, or is just a case of taking it til I'm fully better? And is there anything else I could try? I feel like I'm running out of options. Maybe it's just a case of waiting til the weather changes. Has anyone else had similar experiences? thanks

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You're on the same as what I was ~ looking at my prescription history booklet (it's a Japanese thing haha) ~

I went from seretide + singulair >>>> seretide + singulair + theophylline >>>>>> seretide + singulair + theophylline + carbocisteine + maintenance nebs twice a day and as needed >>>>> seretide + singulair + theophylline + carbocisteine + daily prednisolone + maintenance nebs twice a day and as needed.

I think sometimes you may need a few rounds of pred to fully kick the inflammation, especially if you're still exposed what set you off.

My doc still keep throwing me the same treatment too, I think he's not sure where to go from here!

So I understand where you're coming from! I hope they manage to sort you out with something.


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