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Asthma attack two days ago, breathless today but no wheeze

I had a (wheezy) asthma attack on Saturday, paramedics were called and I ended up having two rounds of neb- one with salbutamol and the other with ipratropium.

I'm one of those lucky people who reacts really well to nebs and clears up my wheeze entirely, but that does leave me with the issue of seeing my GP and having the 'no wheeze, no asthma' speech. I have an appointment tomorrow anyway to discuss my other meds, but I'm worried he won't take my breathlessness and tight chest seriously. I know it's not a panic attack!

Anyone got any advice?

Thank you!

(P.S, we should totally petition to have the guidelines changed and have doctors notified that wheezing isn't the be-all-end-all symptom of asthma!)


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