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Symbicort SMART-good for relief?

Hi, anyone else on Symbicort smart regime? I had an attack yesterday and found that I did not feel relief from symbicort and found myself grabbing for my salbutamol which after quite a few puffs relieved me.

In the past the pharmacist has stated that the salbutamol is quicker acting that the symbicort so I do not know if this is the reason why. I am seeing my specialist next week and will mention this but was just wondering if anyone else found this?

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I used to be on Symbicort SMART and loved it. I had a problem when I had a flare up that it wasn't working and once when I was speaking to NHS direct because I had maxed out the number of puffs I could have a pharmacist on there said it takes 10 minutes to get the full benefit of the reliever. It will be interesting what your consultant says.


I was on the symbicort plan for awhile and it didn't work too good for me I had to still use by blue inhaler a lot!

Iam no longer on the plan I am now on symbicort 400/12 and home nebs.

Hope your consultant sorts you out


Well I think the symbicort is doing me OK for prevention, alot better than I have been past 2 years. It's just the relief I don't find. Maybe I should switch to just symbicort


I am on symbicort smart 400/12 2 puffs am/pm, at the min I take between 1-3 reliever puffs a day. I agree its not as fast acting as the blue inhaler but I feel that asthma more controlled now. A couple of times I haven't felt as if I needed to use it as a reliever but found my evening pf reading has been a lot lower than normal.

Lisa x


I prefer it as a reliever to ventolin, but I don't get sudden attacks, more short of breath/tight chest/coughing.


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