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Mold and damp

Hi all

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me. I am 25 and newly diagnosed with asthma following a series of infections. I have recently moved house and my partner has quit smoking (not that he ever smoked around me!) but we have a leak in our house which turned out to be a more severe leak than we thought. Turns out there is massive amount of damp and mold under the bath and in the flooring throughout the house. The flat has only been built 12 months and the landlord and house builders are arguing over liability.

All the while I'm on my second asthma attack in a week (they removed the bath panel and exposed all the mold and moisture) the attack I had on Saturday was so bad I had blue lips and was so unwell. Have since been told I should have gone to hospital for it but being new to asthma I'm still learning what to do.

I am on the symbicort inhaler three times a day and ventolin when required and am at the moment on weekly reviews with the asthma nurse and waiting referral to the chest clinic.

I think this is a bit of a vent at feeling so much like a lab rat!!! Ive had new inhalers every week since I got out of hospital and this mold is making me so poorly. I was wondering if anyone had a) any suggestions to deal with mold and stop the attacks and b) if anyone knows how I can express just how poorly it is making me in order to get the landlord and house builder to sop arguing and get rid of the damp :(

I've just had my review today and they've said I'm getting no better and so excuse the rant but I just want to cry :( !!!!! Thank you xxx

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Hi and welcome,

This is a good place to vent and a good source of information. (And some really lovely people :-))

If I was in your situation, I would probably seek advice from my GP and with his/her help write a letter (keeping copies) to both the landlord and builder explaining how the property is making you ill and that you need it sorting ASAP. Maybe go to Citizen's Advice too for advice. There may be some on here who have some legal knowledge in this area and have a better idea of what you could do.

Good luck.


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