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Should I stay or should I go now

I have been struggling all last week with my asthma and hay fever obviously the current very high and high pollen count and hot weather are not helping me. Unfortunately, things are getting worse for me, yesterday I used a total 26 puffs Bricanyl reliever for the day, and a total of 10 nebs for the day.

My oxygen sats were ranging from 88 to 92.

My peak flow in the morning was 100.

My peak flow in the evening was 130.

During the night I got no sleep due my continuing breathing issues, oh, how I wished I'd listened to what the NHS 111 operator said and allowed her to get an ambulance for me, not me I thought I knew best did another back to neb using Atrovent and Bricanyl nebules (those being neb number 10).

Today has been just as bad, I have used a total of 26 puffs Bricanyl reliever so far today and used total 6 nebs using Atrovent and Bricanyl nebules so far today. My peak flow this morning was 200 bearing in mind that my personal best peak flow is 350.

My oxygen sats are ranging from 85 to 91.

Maybe, I should be thinking of calling for the little green men, my main concern is that I'll be admitted because my oxygen sats have been higher than this in the past and I still was admitted. So should I stay or should I go now. Home or Hospital that's the question I must answer or decide upon.

Perhaps one more back to back neb.

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If you are suffering that much and your oxygen sats are low then you really should seek medical help not just taking your inhalers & back to back nebs.

please get seen as soon as possible.


Duh! I know it sucks, but you *do* know the answer really...

If you're worried about going to hospital because you suspect they'll keep you in, I think that answers the question!

Also - you'll get out quicker if you go in sooner, because leaving it to the last minute doesn't make them feel super confident about releasing you again.

Perhaps with the extra they can do in hosp with IV meds and oxygen you'll bounce back a bit quicker.

Good luck! Cx


Hmmm, I reckon its time. My sats never drop that low and they almost always take me to resus.

Its not something that you can take lightly ... asthma still kills far too many people.

The sooner you go, hopefully the sooner you get home and will be much more comfy.

I hate hospital, and spend far too much time there, but its got its place.

Do the right thing.


Pack your favorite things in a bag and make that phone call if you haven't already.


You know the answer! Do it, if you haven't already

You've been allowed the responsibility of a home neb, don't abuse it, theres a lot if people on this forum who would have a much better quality of life of they were allowed one, but unfortunately aren't because of people leaving it too late to seek help, don't be one of these statistics.


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