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Hi everyone,

After a recent allergic based admission, my cons expressed concern over the impact my severe hayfever is having on my asthma at the moment (admission was for severe allergy not hayfever but I was suffering with it a lot too). I am an allergic person as IgE is extremely high and I react to several different pollens with moulds, pets and dust also being triggers (in addition to severe tree nut and latex allergies). My cons has been great at trying to treat the underlying allergic causes of my asthma and I take Fexofendaine, Montelekast, Avamys, Rhinolast, Piriton PRN and OTC eye drops as well as My inhalers and pred at the moment. I am on pred until my next appointment but my cons has also suggested trying other electronic devices - namely an allergy reliever (which uses infrared), humidifier, air purifier and ionizer. I have looked some of these up on line but am quite confused by them and they are fairly expensive. Before just picking one to try and buying something which may or may not work, I wondered if any one has used any of these and can offer advice, I am prepared to pay for something which works as My hayfever is very bad this year!

Many thanks

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thats really interesting Kayla - I discussed these with the consultants at Papworth (which is a specialist heart and lung hospital) and they said there is no clinical evidence base that they are of any benefit and to save my money.. and they are SO expensive!


Thank you for your reply. I know Papworth well (not for me though) and it is interesting what they say. I think my cons sensed my desperation to get things under control and we are having to try one medication at a time which is very frustration as nothing seems to quite get it. I have got the allergy reliever as it was only ten pounds but so far it has only hurt my nose - I am still going in the hope it will work. A friend is trying to see if anywhere will lone one of the more expensive things to see if it works before buyin (see works in a hospital).

(apologies for typos - on my phone which has autocorrect but I can't easily edit)


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