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Bonjela and asthma

Just wondered if anyone has ever had asthma symptoms brought on by asthma? I have sores in my mouth so went to get some bonjela, slapped it on my sores ...ten minutes later my chest was tightening and I was starting to struggle breathing, nothing too bad, but noticeable. I used my inhaler and a few puffs brought it under control. I was still near the chemist so went and asked the pharmacist, and she told me off for not reading the leaflet, as the salicylate can cause asthma attacks, I hadn't read the leaflet as I always used the stuff as a kd so didn't think twice, lesson learnt!

My asthma is playing up a bit at the moment anyway so maybe its because they're already twitchy?

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Salicylate's are a common asthma trigger and is a major component of aspirin so be careful with aspirin, and other NSAIDS... x


Thanks, yeah I react to ibuprofen too ;-(


Kiddie bonjela and adult bonjela aren't the same - the kids one no longer has salicylates in it, because they are (slightly) dangerous for children. So you might be ok with the kid one, but I'm not sure how effective it is - probably depends how bad your ulcers are.

I always used to swear by Anbesol, and recently came across this one - worked for our lad:

Bummer about the ibuprofen reaction - I don't *think* I react to it, or if I do then it's pretty mild.




Hmm tried kids bonjela, its rubbish and doesn't taste as good as the adult stuff!!

Will look into the others you suggested .....i saw the anbesol in boots but though, nah I'll stick with what I know! ( I was on holiday in Greece once and had about 20 mouth ulcers at once, went to the chemist and tried to explain the problem, I got some gel and it was amazing, by the next day they had all gone, I have no idea what it was husband said it was probably haemorrhoid gel really and chemist thought ha ha silly tourist, pmsl)

Yeah, I don't react too bad to ibuprofen, but you never know what the next reaction might be like and don't want to risk it


Hmm tried kids bonjela, its rubbish and doesn't taste as good as the adult stuff!!

I suspected as much! Bummer - and poor kids. (And poor parents and siblings... )

Anbesol hurts like mad when you put it on but then does the job. The other stuff sounds very much like the magic stuff you had in Greece - you can get it OTC in Boots I think.

Good luck - I know how miserable mouth ulcers can be :/


I use Boots own brand mouth ulcer gel, its far cheaper (about £2) and I find it more effective too. The painkiller in it is lidocaine, which yes is the same as in some pile creams!


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