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Asthma Reveiw and been refered to asthma specialist

Good Evening to everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the hot weather and your hay fever and asthma are not playing you up to much.

A few weeks ago I went to see my asthma doctor at my local surgery for an asthma review. He asked me how my asthma was I said it was very up and down at the moment as the weather keeps on changing and I am under a lot of stress at the moment with my family and jobs. I keep getting chest infections and needing antibiotics and prednisolone to manage my asthma more affectively. I am on prednisolone every month and have been for quite some time. My peak flow chart is like mountains at the moment. The doctor says that he cannot not add to my currant asthma medication which is as follows: salbutamol, seretide 250, montelukast, phyllocontin, prednisnolone when required. I am also on the following hay fever medications fexofenadine, mometasone furoate nasal spray and eye drops. I have a written asthma management plan from the doctor but he says it is now time for a specialist imput. Not really to sure what to expect? Am feeling very nervous about this appointment which is at the end of the month? Please can anyone help me and advice me what will happen at this appointment? Thank you in advance.


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I was rereferred early this year (was under a cons about ten years ago but was discharged from them when things improved) as although I wasn't having life threatening attacks, my GP felt uncomfortable with the amount of medication I was on and still getting symptoms. I was on similar medication to you only not phyllocontin but a higher dose of Seretide. I know it is easy to say but try not to be nervous about your appointment as hopefully they will be able to help you gain a bit more control. As for what to expect, I was asked to go in earlier to have lung function tests and then the cons asked me about my history, triggers etc. She also listened to my chest but expected it to be clear as I was well. She talked me through several options medications wise and we decided to try Symbicort SMART. I was quite surprised at this as I had been on it before and it is something my doctor could do but she wanted to start right from the basics of asthma treatment. I have now come to realise I was after a quick fix which it certainly has not been. Since then they have changed my Seretide from an accuhaler to MDI with spacer and tried Omnaprazole Incase there is any reflux. After the appointment, she sent me to have a chest X-ray and blood tests to confirm allergies. I would take your peak flow chart and any symptom diary along with you (I forgot about this but found it very useful in the follow up appointment to highlight what I was saying).

I hope it goes well.


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